"Alternative Medicine" or "Alternative Death"

by qinfovio 23. September 2017 05:12
Latest Update since August 10, 2017 (We are at the end of our Fourth month since it started) We were living in a very shaky environment at the beginning of this month as they were completing a second layer of huge metallic plate under ground, around 20 feet long into 16 feet into the ground. Everything was moving, lots of noise and we were glad when they were done. (You can check with all the pictures on our FB blog) Then we received a notice couple weeks later saying they will be removing all these plates and to warn us again about shaky environment and the noise. Couple days ago, a business owner next to ours finally exploded, went after the workers, yelling and very close to a fight. One of our Agent was also verbally abused. It appeared that any of the City Council has never own and run their own business. What I mean by running a business, is to lease a space, pay for your rent, utilities, and if a retail, you will have to include inventory. All these costs need to be cover before you can start paying yourself and having a income. And on our side, every day while these peoples are doing the construction, they are getting paid, even if it takes them three months to put these plates into the ground and then removing them…every day while they are getting paid, we are loosing money. And after four months and how many more months within get our side of the street open for cars and parking? As now, all our side street parking has been taking by construction workers as you can see in the pictures. The City try is working very hard on getting new business to move into our area. They did all kind of survey and it appeared that the biggest demand was for"Alternative Medicine" marijuana. How can they come up with this kind of name for this type of business. It should be call "Alternative Death", marijuana just like cigarette cause cancer. I will say, Yes, Marijuana releaved pain but to call it "Medicine"; I will say the person that came up with this name was able to fool everybody. If it is medicine, it should be sold by prescription or just in a store like you buy a pack of cigarette. And if you need a store to sale drug like Marijuana, we should legalize all drugs. Our State will create a large amount of revenue and will save a lot money with the war on drugs. A store that has been in Seaside for years "Your Uniform Place" on Fremont Blvd is closing. Would you prefer to see this type of store or alternative medicine on our street? As our City has changed the West Broadway zoning to only retail, it will even make it more challenging. As for my office, I had to go through an expansive process of getting a "Use Permit". And I will say that if our City want to keep retail only zoning, it is going to turn more like an Amazon City.


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