Airbnb, the Good and Bad...

by qinfovio 3. May 2017 14:26

What are the benefits to have Airbnb into our area?

It took me couple days until I read the perfect similarity in the Daily Wealth by Steve Sjuggerud and done by Porter Satnnsberry.

Porter was mentioning how technology has greatly reduced the labor inputs for most business. Speaking as Amazon's Web Services (its cloud offerings), versus IBM's revenues declined for 20 quarters. IBM can't shed per unit labor costs because it's stuck with ten thousands of legacy engineers.

It hasn't been good for the U.S retail industry. Amazon can afford to build unlimited amounts of new warehouses and distribution space. But retailers can't possibly compete on per-unit labor costs. They have to staff store.

And it's not going to be good for U.S media companies. By tying entertainment content to its "Amazon Prime" memberships, Amazon is pointing a gun directly at the head of every media/entertainment company in the U.S.

Our hospitality community cannot compete with this low labor cost competition from Airbnb and his confounder Brian Chesky Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk started in 2008 and that was value at 3 Billion in 2015.

And Airbnb is still at a stage of IPO, is still a private company...but once it hits the stock market...

The hundreds of home that could be rented to family are a big lost for the school system, our local business, and making workers to relocate further away from their work. Since we are having less rental available, rent market is going up.

I was thinking to start a Airhomecooking...and there is all kind of stuff that could be done from our own home and there are all kind of similar business opportunity to develop...

But who would benefit best?

I see a repeat as at the beginning of the twentieth century with the revolution of industry and improvement into our social life that will bring us the similar change to the twentieth first century with the revolution of technology but to less is better and we will have no other choices.





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