Sully and a Miracle on the Hudson River

by qinfovio 9. March 2017 14:01

It was an interesting movie to watch with the controversy of the NTSB that launches its required investigation.

And that followed with the Media questioning if the famous Pilot was "a hero or just a fraud"? I was asking myself

which one is the worst? The main message that we get from Sully was that we are human being, and we have this ability to differ ourselves from computer, software and the entire technology world.

And that takes me back to the "Lost Interview" with Steve Jobs. One of Steve main point was that we will need to learn on "How to Think again". If Sully was to follow protocol and directions made for this type of situation,

he would be crashing his plane and not landing it so well as he did. You have to remain calm, check at your best option. It is what it takes with good thinking

and follow your instinct. It is what it takes to be a leader.

And what takes me to another situation with the wild fire in Arizona in 2013 that took the life of 19 of their crew members

++++++++++++++++ (from the article) As the other 19 firefighters inexplicably left the safety of a previously burned area and hiked through unburned brush toward a ranch – previously identified as a safe place – a sudden wind shift turned the fire in their direction. Pushed by strong winds created by a passing thunderstorm, the fire burned over the crew, killing them all, even though they sought protection inside their emergency fire shelters.

Was that their leader made a wrong choice, a wrong decision for leaving the safety of a previously burned area? They obviously follow the protocol and thinking they Will be safe with their blanket. What do we have to learn from both situation…when your life is in danger…think out of the box…instead of following the supposedly safety of the protocol… That you are better off to be an alive hero; and than no everyone could be a good leader.



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