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by qinfovio 13. January 2015 15:03

Good afternoon,

I want to welcome you to 2015 with high expectation in our economy and mostly in our real estate market.

We should expect an appreciation at around 20% more or less within the next two years. I do have a lot of

buyers saying that they need to save to buy in couple years but I do not see anywhere else to put your money into to have a 20% return.



I did experience a very nice hike at Cerro Alto Hike on December 26, burning our holiday’s calories. It is located on Hwy 41,

between Astacadero (just pass Paso Robles) and Morro Bay. It will take a good 90 minutes to get you to the top, overlooking Morro Bay

and to the right Cambria and on the left white sand beaches going to Pismo Beach.


As I was coming back, I had second thoughts with Toro Park as a hike comparison and I think that it is more difficult with a comparable view.



As I wrap up with The Death of Money and putting aside this book of my desk. This book has helping me out to map out in a global

way how currency work as an exchange for value. 

It is also giving me a clear idea how the IMF has already put in place the SDR to replace the dollar at one time. We don’t know when,

but how it will work. It is also more interesting with the drop of oil price down to $50.00 a barrel today; Oil was price since the mid last century in petrodollar.

United States are also not allowed to export any of his oil to the world by law. 




I notice that home’s inventory are very low in some area, and that more appraisers are getting to call real estate agents. They have their arms twisted by everyone asking to push the price up and they are checking back with us.

We are starting the year 2015 in Carmel. I am very interested in this market so I can follow on home price for my past buyers for the past few years.

As I always mentioned, location is always my primary choice follow by the condition. 

This one is just off Hwy 1, in cul de sac, it has nice view, ready to move in.

24770 Handley Carmel $939,000


Very good quality of remodeling, ready to sell.

0 Junipero 3 NE of 3Rd $1,339,000


Just in the entrance of the business district with a dead end street. Very nice house with a lot of cities to compete at this price.

San Carlos 4 NW of 3 rd $1,795,000


It is must see. It has very nice bay view and the ground level is unique; Very Zen with peaceful color.

0 Monte Verde 4SW of 4Th Carmel $2,450,000


Was completely redone but I think that staging a home is always a big plus.

0 Guadalupe 2 NE of 7Th Carmel $2,200,000


It has a lot of walls paper, stuff that you don’t see much in today’s trend but it has his own niche of buyers.

O Camino Real 3 SE Carmel $2,750,000


0 Monte Verde 2SW Carmel $1,695,000

Last few cottages left in this town, fun to live in, just like a small cottage.



I just want to add few words for buyers that are using an out of state loan officer to do their loan. It seems that the first attraction is they get higher purchase power meaning more home to buy and probably because they are charging you less.

But once you found one out of state loan officer, maybe you might be able to find a similar loan officer locally.

The couple reasons that we don’t like to use out of state loan officers as a seller’s agent because in case that they mess up the sale, they will not be hurt.

And as buyer’s agent, because we are ending up doing their job to solve all issues between our clients, our buyers and their loan.  

Thanks and I will see you next week with our NOD and REO list!


Christian Viollaz


 Stop Renting Go Get Your Home CarmelForclosures.com                     BRE #01318338


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