Not Such a Froggy!

by qinfovio 8. December 2014 10:16

Good afternoon,


Even everyone or almost everyone hate rain but with all the bad publicity

with California’s drought, everyone have now a good reason to love rain,

but unlike the froggie, I am still not creasy about it.


As a business owner and entrepreneur, and any of you that are in this situation,

We always have to research our market.

As I like to observed trends and to be more specific real estate’s trends.

As we are moving to a larger number of baby boomers, I believe that a larger number of them still prefer to visit an office instead of going online and as much as buying or selling a property.

As I am getting more peoples coming through my door everyday, I always ask them what bring them here? Easy answer; They are all dropping their car at their dealership or

mechanics and as we are located within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance to all of them, they come to chat and investigate.

One was concern with the home’s value that is going up. For some of you that bought your property at the top of the market, when the market dropped, 30%, 40% more or less,

so that you property tax. But your property tax will readjust with the value if it goes up.

But as property value is moving up, let say $500,000 back to $700,000 and at an average of 1.2% per 1000 on property tax, it is going to be an extra $2,400.

And I have to admit, that property tax in California at one time will be a draw back at purchasing a home. Mostly now, when buying in a

new subdivision you have to add HOA and also Mello Ross.

Bringing to my next visitor where we were speaking about East Garrison new development. For a $600,000 home purchase, it is going to cost you a $1,000

per month and up for the remaining time that you will own this property not including your mortgage.

As an investor, there is no real incentive and for a homeowner, you are better off to go back find a home in Monterey.

I was asking the same visitor if he register with them, and he say no. I ask him again, did you write name anywhere and he say yes, but just as

a visiting guest as they required to everyone.

But you cannot then be represented by your agent. I had a similar case in my office and for me it is the side of the sale person where it said that “Selling is not Telling”

and I completely disagreed with that thought.

…Another visitors and I think that there is a huge market coming up, are the homeowners that went through a short sale. It will take 2 years for these homeowners to

come back and they are coming back… How Soon Can We Buy After a Short Sale? 

(I just made a quick call for the time after short sale and they have now only one day after the short sale closed)

Getting back about researching our market, I think that I will be spending more time visiting these car dealers near by.

Your business is dictated by your location and with the baby boomers in our area, you will need easy access for them, street level, elevator.


At one time, I took some reading speeding class, teaching how to read faster.

I wonder who came with this idea of speeding/ reading? Reading a magazine, newspaper and so long…not much of a reading but as I am moving with the

The Death of Money

 and I am at the stage where he is speaking about tax and debt that turn into deficit if it is short.  The cost of paying the interest is not included in

the deficit and how manageable is the cost of this deficit.

As we finally passed couple days ago the $18 trillions debts, I try to put in prospective and analyze the topic of this chapter but it is turning

more like into a slow reading                                                                                

Bottom line is not as fast as you can read, but for how long can we manipulate the speed of a clock?


Thank and I will see you next week!


Christian Viollaz

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