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by qinfovio 1. December 2014 11:23

Good afternoon,

We are finally getting some rain and enough cool weather to get our fondue set out of the shelves. We did not wait for Trader Joe to officially open the season.

 We have a very nice friendly set up at our office so that later on we can try other dishes as “Raclette” made also of cheese and the same equipment is also offering “Pierrade”, a flat stone laying down over the raclette equipment.

 The stone will be get hot and you can cook any vegetable, seafood or meat on it.

 I think that bringing good cooking food in your daily life is bringing you good quality life and it does not just have to be for special occasion.


 You have probably figure out by now that cooking is as important for myself than researching our markets. Researching and understanding markets have a lot to do with an open mind, required many times to be a contrarian.

 We already know a lot about our real estate market by having me sharing with you all these properties that I previewed weekly. We all know that the trend is up and up for at least couple more years. And that price fluctuates from one area and move to the next one. 


The only dark side that we had was the immigration since our last crisis and I was able to find out that most of our Hispanic community were and are using a working permit, that they don’t have the status of permanent resident, and they would have to use a foreign loan to buy a property in the United States….that required 20% down payment. 

 So, if we can give a brake to our Hispanic community and get them back in the real estate market in 2015 and up coming years, we would have an increase of home price, another 20 to 30%, not as much than pre-crisis but good enough to bail out a lot of home owners.

 The other market that I am really interested and where bringing sense make no sense is the stock market and all other markets around it.

 I am sharing with you today an article that I attach, about Russia and that is the world cheapest stock market and why you should not buy it.

 I am a big fan of Dr. Steve Sjuggerud with Stansberry Research Team.

They always try to understand and research markets, looking at history, indexes. And according to this article, and looking at main Russian-stock ETF (RSX) versus its shares outstanding. Buying cheap is not always the best way to go but here again, if local Russians are not buying their own market, base on this index,

You shouldn’t buy it.

 As I have been researching on the best knowledgeable mentors concerning all these markets, I finally found this team to follow and to learn from and mostly Steve.


   Our Thursday Broker Tour took us from Hwy 68, to San Benancio Road/Corral Del Tierra to Carmel Valley to south of Hwy One down to Big Sur.

    I skipped the 15 and plus in the Pasadera area. A lot of homes at the mid 2$M, 3$M, more or less. This market is very hot and could be one of the best to buy.

 I will have to go back and check at numbers but I will estimate that a 1$ millions homes and over have to represent 90% of our local housing market. 

As I was mentioning last week restriction done in 1961 requiring that no home at a cost less than $14,000 could be build. 

 But as now, they should maybe restrict that no new home at a construction cost of over $500,000 could be build.  All these homes have 6,7, 8 bathrooms no shortage of water. But we have a real shortage of housing supply for our entire community.

 At least the name will support the price in the future 77 Panetta Rd Carmel Valley $1,195,000. Very clean, nice lay out.

 As I have mentioned in the past, don’t hold open house when you have workers all around the property 660 Country Club Drive $799,000 They did a good job on fixing that one, but I was almost stuck on getting out of the driveway.

 447 Dela Vina Monterey $459,888 back to Monterey, very clean, nice 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

 I like this unknown area on Monterey, behind MPC and below Macys’ shopping Center, centralize location 580 El Dorado St Monterey $1,950,000

 Probably the best deal for the day 39 Via Cimarron Monterey $599,000

 306 Cypress Ave Pacific Grove $998,000 close to town.

 706 Hillcrest Ave Pacific Grove $1,249,000 was completely redone. We sold the one next to that one in a short sale few years ago in the $525,000. New owner might be very happy. 

 Happy Thanksgiving and I will see you next week!

 Christian Viollaz



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