Are You Saving Money switching Your PC to Apple

by qinfovio 19. November 2014 11:08

 Good Afternoon,

 I was able to cut so far 30% off my utility bill with the switch from my previous Window Server to Apple. I have to admit that once you are set up and ready to go, there is a large amount of time’s saving with Apple.

  The best item is to be able to go up or down from a page, sideways with the move of couple fingers.


 It is very helping in our daily life as gas price continues to drop. As so far, inflation has always being on the top priority of any governments.

 Why do we need inflation? It means that your debt is losing value.

 As I was going over some old CC&R that is attach to all new developments and that cover all the restriction that comes with them. (You will find this information during a sale of a property through the title company)

 The one that I was reading was done in 1961 for the south Salinas area, where you were not allowed to built a home at a cost of less than $14,000 (they should the reverse now). Similar homes now will cost no less than $200,000 for the same area, it is over 1500% inflation for a 53 years time period.

 Why is deflation bad? It is bad when you have debt, it will cost you more money to paid it off.  I think that at one time, we will have to go through deflation to set up the clock backward so it could work again.  As I was reading articles on both side of the subject, it seems that younger generation that never work and keep getting their education, will come in the job market and will take less paycheck compare to someone that was active for the past 20 to 30 years.

 I start to see this happen little bit here and there, just as my IT that is charging almost half from his competitors. I went through deflation on my own when home value in my market drop over 60%. It means that at one time my income has dropped over 60%.  I have and I was able to readjust to my new income, but what is sure, is that I cannot afford to spend what I used to spend.

 And I will expect that new companies, businesses that are offering services at a deflating price, would be the tomorrow leaders, just a thought.


                                         ++++++Welcome to our Weekly Tour++++++

 It is located in the Skyline Forest, it is price right, clean and ready to go 6 Greenwood Rise Monterey $668,000

 I really like that one. I think that it has potential, a fun house that could be finish nicely 651 Filmore St Monterey $649,000 REO


 I like the price for the location 0 Santa Fe & 6Th NE Corner Carmel $885,000

 It was nicely redone, wide street for this specific area, the only turn off is that you are overlooking your neighbor roof from the upstairs bathroom0 Guadalupe St Carmel $1,799,000 price reduce by $200,000

 2 NE 4TH Ave Carmel $1,195,000  Driving to the previous two ones and that one was a real trip, between construction trucks, very bumpy road, trees middle of the road, has almost give me the sea sick.

 25495 Shafter Wy Carmel $2,900,000 This one is a beauty, it has a lot of character, a very nice outside set up and it makes you feel that you paid for what you get.

 0 Forest 4 SW 7Th Carmel $1,995,000 in the same area.

 0 Junipero 5 SE of 8Th Carmel $1,350,000 closer to town, it has some nice natural light and has some character. It was recently rebuilt and is very zen.

 0 Carmelo & 12 Th NW Corner $2,495,000 reduce by $300,000 closer to the beach, nice price drop and if you like small bedrooms and the view of the surf, it is the one for you.

 1164 Phoenix $325,000 completely redone, good investement or primary residence

 This one in Seaside, perfect for income property or first time buyer.


Thank you and I will see you next weeks!


Christian Viollaz

BRE #01318338



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