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Good afternoon,


Gorgeous days are passing by and I hope that you are taking the time to enjoy them.

My favor's sand beach to enjoy a nice sunny day is still Zmudowski State Beach.


Once you get there, take a walk north going to the Dune complex and by low tide,

you can use a mountain bike and ride all the way to Rio Del Mar. Road to the beach

is in very bad shape, so I highly recommend a SUV.





I approach any transactions as an upcoming chain of events that you need to let develop

and fix as issues come up.


Usually the biggest one come with your Pre-Approval that you received from your loan officer. At this stage,

a pre-approval is a very basic information where your loan officer will check your income, will pull a credit

report that will merge to your application and it will give you a ruff idea on your purchasing power.


Once you have an approved offer, then your loan officer will go and collect all required additional information

by the lender. As a self employed, tax return of the last 2 years will be required and in some case, I have seen

buyers being rejected due to income tax return that were improperly file.


As now, in many cases, lenders are very vigilantes about the status of a non permanent US resident. The only way

to get any loan in that situation is to get a Foreign Loan that required usually a larger down payment.


As I am working in the Prunedale area looking for home for my buyers, over there, the main issue is that many properties are manufacturing home. For most buyers, it looks the same that any homes, but many lenders

will reject this type of property.


The reason that `I have to bring you these issues concerning a pre-approval is that your loan officer cannot do anything until your loanis in process. But the key to succeed in any of these situations is to work with a 

Mortgage Broker. A well experience mortgage broker is like a magician pulling out all the rabbits from his hat.

Each lenders are specialized in a line of loans with specific requirement.


If you go to any majors banks and have them to do your loan and if any of issues pop up, you are out of the race.

And remember that I always like to be with any of my buyers at the finishing line.




As last week, our new Fed Reserve Janet Yellen mentioned that they might raise the interest rate as our economy is improving.


I noticed that they usually do the opposite of what they said. I will expect the rate to keep going down.


1309 David Ave PG $635,000 open that one and compare with the next one.

1108 Presidio Blvd Pacific Grove $969,000 brand new home, and I think that they build between 4 to 6 homes,

go and check the design, materials. These homes are very well built.


705 Airport Rd Monterey $449,000 Smaller home, cute curd appeal.

549 English Ave Monterey $530,000 on the right side of English Ave, closer to Casanova st.

805 Grace Monterey $696,000 very private.


1179 Shafer Seaside $349,000 better to own than rent at this price.

1478 Kimball Duplex Seaside $499,000 This duplex has potential, 3/1.5 and 2/1. On top of Kimball,

next to General Moore, large lot.



24694 Pescadero Carmel $1,095,000 is the extreme right side of Carmel, it has some bay view.

0 Monte Verde 2 NE of 4Th Carmel $2,100,000 A lot of homes at similar price

0 Lincoln St Carmel $2,099,000 Same area, lot of forest, so expect some moldy smell in some of these homes.

0 Casanova 2 SE of 4Th $1,995,000 need a SUV for all these past 4 homes.

0 Mission 3 SW of 7th St Carmel $4,995,000 This one has 100% top quality of everything. Go check it out if you are near by.

It is right in the downtown area and it will blow you away. You will never loose if you buy quality!

26225 Valley View Carmel $3,695,000 They did a very good job on that one, but it is the same tone of color all around.

26201 Mesa Place Carmel $998,000 It is probably one of the best for your money, speaking quality of construction

and if you don't plan to be outside. (Back of the house is well protected from the noise and Hwy 1 just below).




I would like to add few words about the last week movie that I shared with you "The Inside Job".


A lot of blames were put at the cause of the previous financial crisis to Home Financing with all that came with it.

And concerning fixing all these issues, our regulators have been doing a fantastic job.


Since we cannot mess up with these types of financing anymore, Wall Street with their Helpers showed in

"The Inside Job"have find new ways to make even more money into the next big up coming crisis from student's

loan and car's loans.


Student's loans are insured by our government and there is no collateral. I attach and I am hoping that you can open it,

about this pastor with his daughter that passed away and has now $200,000 loan that is due. She went to nursing school.


My question is how can you live and take this amount of debt? And I think that a lot of money have been

handle to everyonethat want it, and I think you will get the worst disease by the stress is creating

on yourself.


And here again, we can talk about fiduciary duty, but sometime you need to learn that taking any type of loan

on any type of products come at a price. And it seems that the more you tell to the consumers, the more they will

go shop around with someone else.


Just remember, a debt is not like dating or being married, it like a big chain attach to your ankle that will pull your down.


I have also learn with my very early stage from the biggest traders in the stock market, to cut your lost and let your winnersrun, set up your exit before you get in.


As in real estate, I have seen a lot of situations where investors have like 5 properties, 3 are doing very well,1 is at the edge of going under and the last one is completely under. In this scenario, sell 3 properties if you need to cut

your loss and let the two others winners run.


We have over 1 Trillions dollars in student loan, it is one million per day for 2500 years...since the time the City of Rome

was created.


And cars loans, I don't have the numbers yet, but if you can check at the bottom of the chart under car loans very impressive.


Good upcoming business with the cars will be when the crisis implode, would be to sell them back to the Bamboo Curtain as they are calling it now! (You can also check at the bottom, further right without insurance).


Thanks and I will see you next week!


Christian Viollaz

License 01318338

Distress Sales/Bank Foreclosures Hotlist

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08.26.14 Up coming Auction .pdf (42.56 kb)

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