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by qinfovio 20. August 2014 14:11

Good afternoon,


I keep adding few peoples here and there in to my Tuesday Talk because sometime

I feel that I am obligated to bring some type of fiduciary duty into our entire industry.


I started to post this Tuesday Talk into our blog since it is sometime a continuation of a

previous week Tuesday Talk story.




As today the economy is on the right track but I am always looking three to five years ahead of myself

and also something like 10 years ahead.


The latest news couple days ago were that the German, lowering their interest rate below 1%.


As today, I am getting back with the movie "Inside Job": It is very well done documentary. We were able to move on

with this crisis by using fake money. The best parts of this movie are the deleted scenes.


On one of them, they interviewed the Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore Leehsien Loong, asking

about his compensation with his position and he mentioned around $2 millions US dollars and with all

other compensations with all members of the financial industry appointed by their government...and it comes

around $1,5 million each. He mentioned that they are getting well paid, and they have to perform to their best without

any bonuses, and if they don't perform, they will get removed. He was saying like an engineer that build bridges or

finances should get the same amount of compensation.


As getting back looking at all CEO with anywhere from 40, 50, 500 millions dollars of bonuses, and all the financial

industry compensation where they get paid hundreds times or more of their worth.


Eliot Spitzer mentioned that Jack Grubman go it right when saying, "What Used to be a Conflict of Interest is now

view as Synergy".


And Raghuman Rajan was saying about Island and where the financial crisis started, and where it was

the land of the Range Rovers. Local peoples over there change Range Rovers to Hang Over


"The Inside Job" Featuring in-depth interviews with financial experts and insiders, this sobering,

Oscar-winning documentary presents in comprehensive detail the pervasive and deep-rooted

Wall Street corruption that led to the global economic meltdown of 2008.'


It is the second time that I am renting this DVD, I watched it 3 times and I will probably do it again a couple

more times within the next two years. I will consider this movie as a "Derivative" meaning as a weapons

of mass destruction. I always consider our real estate as a game that I should learn how to play it.

It started as with a four thousand pieces puzzle and I put it together years ago.


My next project is to understand the remaining game of understanding the mechanism of value. This one is more like a

40,000 pieces puzzle and I am at 12,000 with a 28,000 remaining to put together.  


When you gamble with someone else money rewarding you millions of dollars, it is fine by me but when the company loose money, you need to get that money back. It is how it worksat the Casino, they paid you

 when you win and they will take back when you loose.


It came to the point that the Federal Reserve is lending money for this bail out at the tax’s payer cost.

And now, I am taking you back the and if you look under largest budget items

with Net Interest on Debt, it comes in fifth position. As the interest rate in the US is around 2.5%, just imagine

if it has to double, it would just be behind the defense.


I will finish saying that Warren Buffet policy has a fiduciary duty to all his clients, he work very hard at it and it payoff

to all of us.


And I think that at one time, we should expect a pay back from all these fraudulent acts that is giving

to you in the movie.



I am taking you back in the tour starting in Pacific Grove with:                          

235 Cedar Pacific Grove $825,000 nice, clean show well, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walk to town.

801 Todd Lane PG $725,000 in a cul de sac.

325 17 Mile Dr PG $649,000 This one is back on the market and I think that it should be moving.

1029 Morse Dr PG $709,500 this property is located in the Candy Lane area, it has a lot of potential, it is the worst

house in the neighborhood.


Couple in Seaside...

1172 Barbara Court Seaside $429,000 

1096 Trinity Seaside Duplex $549,000 is the perfect duplex to visit, it will tell you all the today requirement with

the City of Seaside. It is very clean.


26179 Rinconado Dr Carmel Valley $1,699,000 I saw this property already, price was reduced by $100,000. But pricing it rightat the beginning is the key.

 24953 Outlook Carmel $1,550,000 This one was also on the market few months ago.

8215 El Camino Estrada/Arboles Carmel Valley $1,590,000 Beautiful home, very nice floor plan, nice quality

construction but all at the wrong location. I am probably sure that some you know Arboles road, near the fire department.


It is a narrow road that bring you to a bunch of narrow roads and they have few multi million dollar home in the middle

of low end home. When buying/investing in a multi million home, you can go to the Quail Lodge area, where

property are all alike. But if you plan to buy in this area, you need to get the worst one.


Thanks and I will see you next week!




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