A Hard Lesson Learned on Molokai Last Week from Steve Sjuggerud

by qinfovio 12. August 2014 16:04

Good afternoon,


This week is probably one of the busiest week on the Peninsula where you will need to plan on how to get yourselfaround. Anywhere going from Monterey, to Carmel, Pebble Beach and as much coming in and out of the Peninsula from Hwy 1, Hwy 156 you will be stuck in heavy traffic.


Maybe the best way to get you there would be by horse riding from Salinas River Beach/Moss Landing all the way

to Monterey, all beaches and without any traffic up to Seaside.



I am bringing you one of the best message that I am sending you from Steve and his hard lesson on Molokai couple weeks ago.


While he was checking in as a competitor for 32-mile Molokai-to-Oahu paddleboard race, he met one of his subscriber that was the director of the race. He is 64 years old and he could pass for a fit athlete in his 30s (if he dyed his hair). They spoke and met at his house after the race. They talked a lot about living...and living right. And the conversation goes like:


" I see a lot of friends with huge mortgages, spending more than they earn," he said while we sat at his kitchen table.


"I do the opposite. I live way below my means...But what more could I want?"


I looked up from his kitchen table, and looked all around...


He was right. He has everything he needs, right there. He lives a short walk from his favorite surfing spot in Hawaii.

He lives lean and healthy. His life is about experiences, not about stuff.


Money can buy you a lot of things in life...but it can't buy you fitness. You have to earn that yourself.


...You can check the entire article but I will tell you that I have experiencing the similar situation on my own

for the past three to four years and this article just completed my thoughts.




It seems that some of you had some issue opening links to some of these property. It seems that I had one property that

might created this conflict. I would say that it is safer to open them on my blog or on Face book. Opening from the Tuesday Talkmight give spy the opportunity to access your email account.


565 Harcourt Seaside $2,999,000 I had few comments on that one and you were right, you know our local market

and you know that we don't have such of a price in the city of Seaside. But I also don't believe the $299,000 asking price that it was listed at. It will sell closer to $340/345,000 base if it is a finance or cash sale.


Some cities have a lot of flippers, some are very well done and others just very cheesy.

Like putting a water heater in the bedroom. Please as a buyer or a renter don't invest or live in one of these homes.




111 Spray Ave Monterey $898,000 This one has a beautiful bay view and I will say that the Agent, just like my friend

Sam of last week, had the house painted, new carpet...and even if it has a terrible floor plan, it will help with the sell.


405 Granite St Pacific Grove $825,000 I think that there is a lot of house for the price and the location.

222 19Th St Pacific Grove $799,000 It is a good way for you to check apple to apple with the previous one!


1002 Hillside Pacific Grove $699,000 In the upper side of PG. I went in by the main door that is on one side of the street,

while the garage is going out on the other side. I almost miss the garage.


1036 Rosita Del Rey Oaks $595,000 a new competition for the other one that I brought couple weeks ago at

1000 Rosita Del Rey Oaks $569,000   This one has a complete separated entrance/living quarter on one level.


They are both on top condition and should be moving.


We are hitting back to Carmel and here again, I try to bring you similar price range.


24651 Cabrillo St Carmel $1,375,000 is located within one square mile of Carmel.

24971 N Carmel Hills Carmel $1,490,000 on the same side of Carmel High School. I was a little disappointed

with the front entrance of the garage with similar slates that we used for bathroom, just check the pictures.


0 Lincoln 4 Nothwest of Santa Lucia Carmel $3,725,000 When a house is located within the one square mile of the

City of Carmel, you will find no numbers on the property. Here again, similar price.


26294 Carmelo Carmel $3,550,000 I will cook for you if you buy that house from me. They did a very good job

with very high ceiling, lot of lights, good quality of materials, you can walk to the beaches, Mission Ranch, Carmel Mission.

And of course a beautiful kitchen, not a huge one but very inspirational.




I know that a lot of us cannot afford some of these homes, just like the two ones in Carmel.


But as I start watching for the second time and renting from Netflix:


"The Inside Job", featuring in-depth interviews with financial experts and insiders, this sobering Oscar-winning documentary presents in comprehensive detail the pervasive and deep rooted Wall Street corruption that led to the global economic meltdown of 2008.


You can just follow the money and it should bring you to most of these peoples that are part in this documentary.


Thanks and I will see you next week!



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