4 Implants for 1 Car Deal Or No Deal

by qinfovio 5. August 2014 15:08

Good afternoon,


We had some internet issue last week and I have to send you our Tuesday Talk on Wednesday.


It seems that with all the wireless system in place, phone, PC, remote control, satellite dish etc,

we are getting difficulties on connecting. It would be interesting to screen the sky with infrared lenses

or something like that to check all that electric power going around us.


I will be experimenting a new cellular phone, cost of $110.00 for the phone and one single payment of $79.00

for the phone for the entire year, using all similar data that I have with Verizon. I am already using Phone Power

for my business, 2 lines for 2 years for a single price of $211.00. I will get back with you with this cellular phone.


What is surprising me is with all the improvement in technologies, that is bringing a lower cost to the consumer,

is the price in our health care that keep growing and mostly into dental care. When I see that a cost for a tooth  

implant come to around $5,000 more or less, and if I have 4 of them, I can almost get myself a new car.


Looking back when they were outing the The Model T was the first automobile mass-produced on moving  

assembly lines with completely interchangeable parts, marketed to the middle class by Henry Ford. 


Are we going backward?




As I am sharing with you this week REO list, I can see that most of them had a loan modification in the past.


Some of them were going through a short sale. And here again, I highly encourage anyone that has to go through

a short sale to use a local agent that had experience in doing short sale.


I also highly recommend a local loan officer when doing your loan on purchasing your home. Stay and use local in any real estate transaction, as agent, title company, loan officer, try to meet them in person.


I am a big fan of EBay and what ever is online, but once it comes to real estate, I stay local.




I am just sharing few of the previewing that we are doing each week and I am bringing you the one

that step ahead of the crowd.



241 Via Gayuba Monterey $925,000I like the Skyline forest location, large house with a nice backyard.


12 Victoria Vale Monterey $1,450,000 In the same area, very well built property. The downside is the lack of privacy

in the backyard, some town house overlooking your patio.


1218 Sylvan Road Monterey $825,000 Close to Del Monte Golf course. I like all these properties located

between Sylvan Road, Castro Road up to the gold course. Lot of sun, flat lot. In the other side of the road, is all

the opposite.


431 Dela Vina $445,000 is a town house in a gated community with around 10 units.

HOA $130.00 2 cars garage, walk to town, convenient location, very centralize.


1260 Seaview Pacific Grove $619,500 It has very large lot. They changed brokerage and now the price makes

 more sense. I also like the location, on top of PG, easy access to Hwy 68 or down to Prescott going to Monterey.


0 NW Junipero Carmel $1,199,000 is close to town. I like all the listings that Sam has. He always brings the necessary

improvements into a property to justify the asking price. In the case of this one, they are getting a new deck!

And I think by doing that, they will sell the home.


26355 Ocean View Carmel $4,495,000 This one is very fun to walk around, they brought a lot of antiques to 

accommodate property. It has a nice view of Carmel River Beach, all the way to Point Lobos to Santa Lucia Mountain.


2486 17Th Carmel $2,295,000 They did a good job on bringing a lot of natural lights in.


3 SW Alta on Mission Carmel $995,000 I am a big fan of vacation rental and they mentioned that they are bring

$40,000 in a year. There is room to grow. You need to check with any city's restriction.



565 Harcourt Seaside $2,999,000 Just across Seaside City Hall, walk to park, beach, town.




Do you know that a City Inspection is required when your sell your home; in the City of Seaside it

will cost $129.00 and it might takes up to 10 days to get it back, while the City of Marina will charge only

$50.00 and the turn around is only 24 hours (make me smile).




Few words with our real estate market. The trend is up and we are expecting that it will go up for a good 

two years ahead. 


As I am learning how market works, in the stock market, they are looking at volume and in real estate

we have to look at inventory to measure a trend.


Couple weeks ago, we had 51 homes for sale in Seaside and it was getting high. As today, we are down to

34. So there a lot of room for this trend to goes up before it reverse.


The day that we will see passing the 100 homes for sale in this City, then the trend might be changing.

I saw 196 at one time.



Thank you and I will see you next week!



Christian Viollaz

License 1318338

9 Buyer Traps and How to Avoid Them


08.05.14 NOD List.pdf (6.24 kb)

08.05.14 REO Only.pdf (7.91 kb)





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