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by qinfovio 8. July 2014 16:53


Good afternoon,
I have been calling couple friends that have watched the World Cup with Germany beating Brazil 7 to 1.
In soccer, it is a big score, something that we have rarely see in any previous World Cup, but always a first time for everything.
Today, I would like to share few words with Susie, a Realtor that recently joined us this year. She lost her son Andre that was stabbed to death last Wednesday.
On their way to home, I was getting use to see Andre and his brother Christopher, Susie's son, stopping by the office couple times a week, kissing and hugging. It was a very refreshing picture.

I know that Andre might have done something wrong to someone, but does he need to pay that high price? Does someone has the right to take his life?



I was sharing with you in one of our Tuesday Talk, The Lost Interview by Steve Jobs and with one of his stronger message that he was sending to us, saying that we need to "Learn How to Think Again ".

We have been conditioned due to the technology and the entire surrounding to act without thinking.
Emotion is probably one of the most vulnerable liabilities that human being have. I am calling liabilities meaning that it could be one of the most destructive power that you might have that will destroy yourself if you let it out of control. You need to learn how to control and think on how to release you emotion.
The biggest selling professionals are constantly using our emotion, it 's as good for the medias, news, stock markets, insurance, low price, high price, goods etc..., it trigger our emotion and it will help us making the decision on buying or not to buy.
Your brain work as 1, 2, 3 and 4.
1 Means it see, 2 is acting, 3 is thinking and 4 is taking action. But if you removed one item as number 3, you will be acting without thinking.  
It is how I get to find myself again few years ago. As much in a personal life than professional and financial life, it all turned into a perfect storm. I was more acting than thinking because I could not really think clearly.
Emotion could also be also one of your bet asset if it is properly used.
Human being is not a machine as much as the military wish! The military train his personal to act without thinking, on impulsion, you act as you see without thinking if it is the right way to do something.
One of the best book that help me was "Power Of Focus" from Jack Canfield that really put myself back together.
And as now I am constantly  working on controlling myself, thinking overnight about an email, a conversation, a decision to be made...I take the time to think. It is working on me; I am not stress but I try to stay with PMA positive mental attitude by taking the time to think again and not to act on emotion...very hard to control.
All my blessings are going to Andre, his mom, family and friends and also to the one that did this horrific act; Was him really thinking at what he was doing...
Thank you and I will see you next week!
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