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by qinfovio 1. July 2014 17:47

Good afternoon, 

We are finally getting to the best part of the world cup in soccer, first and second round are over.
My little team of Costa Rica still in but probably not for long.
I will be taking you back to our Broker Tour to all different areas so you will able to check what you can get at what kind of price in each area. I constantly compare home's price from all areas and I also check inventory.
Just start our ride with:

226 Edinburg Monterey $545,000 This one is close to Monterey Fairground and according to agent, they are reviewing multiple offers.


610 Martin Monterey $749,299 A very different style of home and it might find that particular buyer, close to Monterey High School.


988 Fountain Monterey $998,000 Good quality of construction, it has a nice floor plan, bay view from the master bedroom, recently build.


753 Parcel Monterey $650,000 It seems that it was recently painted to cover up can go check it out and you can tell me.


92 Twin Oaks Monterey $535,000 First time that I have been in this area, small older subdivision, out of Jocelyn Canyon Rd.


980 Paloma Del Rey Oaks $499,000 They are at the stage of reducing their asking price.


1718 Laguna Seaside $449,000 This one has been in the market for a longer time, starting to reduce their price.


3106 Fehring Marina $427,000 Inventory in Marina still around 15...normal level but seems to be more on the rise.


926 Petra Lane PG Pacific Grove $799,000 Pacific Grove home, it helps to compare to other cities similar price range.


26140 Zdan Carmel Valley $948,500 We are back on Los Laureles Grade, considered as Carmel Valley but with a Salinas zip code. This one is immaculate, kind of far away from towns, very tastily redone, not too far down on Zdan Rd.


31440 Via Las Rosas Carmel Valley $1,475,000 Very private, pass Carmel Valley village, has some very beautiful valley's views.


Just like Zdan, you will enjoy the views and the privacy.


9500 Center Unit 46 Mid Valley $429,000 I like the location of the complex, just behind Safeway in Mid Valley.


As I was driving down Carmel Valley Road, I saw something on the right side of the road that I don't like to see, a kind of make you sad.

It was not a run over deer, or raccoon or skunk. It was just a couple, a man and a woman pushing a shopping cart, living Carmel Valley

and getting their way to the Monterey Area.


Since we added "Property Management" above the entrance door of our office, I have seen more and more tenants coming in asking for rental. It seems that a lot of them might have issues with their current housing/rental situation...not paying their rent.


The message that I am sending today, is to Pay Your Rent. You need to secure a roof over your head, you can stop making payment in any other debts that you have, but save what you have left for your rent. Once you get evicted and mostly in our current rental market, and unless that you have relative, you will be finishing like them, pushing a shopping cart on the side of the road. 


8018 River Place Quail Lodge Mid Valley $1,419,000 Buying in this area at this price range is very safe in the sense that there is a lot of comparable property at the same price.


26570 Rancho San Carlos Mid Valley $1,395,000 This one is located less than two mile from above property but without any similar home price.




As I try to improve my selling skills with potential sellers, and knowing that "Selling is Not Telling" is not part of my skills.


As I was listening to a conversation from a lady mentioning that she had a foot surgery and was complaining that her doctor left 3 or 4 screws inside her foot. But I think that if the doctor has told her patient that the 4 screws would stay, this surgery would not happen. Three of the four screws were removed.


But I think by no telling too much he is still making a sale and then, he can adjust if it become an issue.


I find the same similarity in any type of sale situation where the clients always want to hear what they want to hear.


It is just game and it all depends on how you want to play it.


Thank you and I will see you next week!



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