Could Brazil be the New World Champion in Soccer unless Costa Rica Beat Them

by qinfovio 25. June 2014 13:26

Good afternoon,


It seems that the World Cup in Soccer is getting more fans in the U.S than ever. I have report from friends living in Los Angeles, calling and mentioning that was nobody on the Freeway /Highway last Sunday. 


The U.S team was playing at that time and they almost beat Portugal.


A surprising team so far would be Costa Rica but I think that the climate is to their benefit.


We will see after the second round.




I am bringing you an update below, it is coming from Joel Singer with CAR California Association of Realtor, concerning latest market statistic. There are bringing a lot of information to all of us and not only about market but also with the legislation, new up coming laws and what we are fighting with the congress.


Latest Market Statistics
Existing Single-Family Home Sales decreased 7.0 percent year-to-year in April to a seasonally adjusted rate of 394,070 on an annualized basis.

Median Price of an existing single-family home increased 11.6 percent in April 2014 to  $449,360, compared with April 2013 and a 3.2 percent increase from March 2014.

Unsold Inventory Index increased in April to 3.5 months, compared with 2.8 months a year ago and well below the long-run average of about 7 months.                                                                                                                                                   

Home Sales decreased 7.0 percent and it is actually showing locally in some area like Seaside with an increase of inventory to 43 and also Monterey to 58. While this inventory is increasing, price in these areas will stabilized.

Median home price increased by 11.6 percent; It already happened to both city above and it is moving now to Carmel, Carmel Valley area, Pacific Grove with inventory of 113, 76 and 44.


I will keep you in today's tour for the Carmel and Pebble Beach area. I have not seen anything interesting in the Wednesday tour that cover Monterey, PG Pacific Grove, Seaside, Marina. I saw a lot of junk, kind of over price property that makes no sense.

0 NE Lincoln St Carmel $1,699,000 This one was nicely redone, a 3/2 with 1652 Sq.Ft and a lot of 4000.

2 Lobos St #2ND Carmel $1,685,000 These homes located within the one square mile in the City of Carmel have no numbers address. It gets very tricky for anyone looking for them, mostly once it comes to appraisers but good to hide from debt collectors. A 3/2 with 1589 Sq.Ft and a lot of 4000.


0 San Carlos 6 NW of Santa Lucia Carmel $1,200,000 This one is not really in good shape, it is vacant, some part of the ceiling is falling down and it has some black mold. In the post outside, it says appointment only, and we (agent) have to call to make an appointment. I expect because it is vacant and in bad shape, that they might be afraid of homeless moving in.

All vacant homes should be Go Direct without requesting any appointment from Agent.


First, it is a waste of time in our side, second we will not show the property, and third you want agents to visit all vacant home and they will notify us of any breaking.


It happened to myself a year ago, as I was checking a home in Salinas, I run into a homeless that was sleeping in the garage. First he cuts me off guard and scared me; than I call and notify agent. But if no one is visiting the property including your own agent, then he can get very bad.


Legislative Update
AB 1513 (Fox), C.A.R.'s sponsored legislation creating an "opt-in" pilot program to deal with
squatters, has passed out of the Assembly and is waiting to be scheduled for its first hearing in the Senate.


24993 Hatton Rd Carmel $1,695,000 is located on the upper of Carmel Area, with 4/4+ with 4317 Sq.Ft and lot of 13600. It is a more sunny area. My comment will all recently moved out and mostly with owners, would be to get your property

professionally clean. You need to fresh it up the air. 


2996 Franciscan Way Carmel $2,795,000  is located on hill slightly above the right side of the Carmel Mission, 3/3 with 2273 Sq.Ft and lot of 9700.


26472 Mission Fields Carmel $749,000 smaller house, 3/2 with 1470 Sq.F and lot of 1470. One was just foreclosed in our today's list at 3340 Rio Road at $577,000 that is little bit smaller, would be a good comparable for this market.


Pebble Beach Area

I am finding more information as I am visiting these areas again and mostly Pebble Beach and their school district.


4180 Sunridge Road Pebble Beach $699,000 This house is very well done, a 2/2 with 1088 Sq.Ft but school district is Monterey. It will loose lot of good potential buyers since it is the first home price to get you in PB.


4016 El Bosque Dr Pebble Beach $1,999,999 A gorgeous homes, it has some nice bay view. It has also a house for sale on the left side that has a panel mentioning that it has approved plan for remodeling, always check if it will affect your view.


It has 4/4+ 4764 Sf.Ft and lot of 10012 and it is also in the Monterey school district. Price was reduced but I would expect that buyers could afford a private school and the school should not be a matter in this case.


This will be nice to compare to the one of last week at 3974 Ronda Pebble Beach $1,799,000 that will need a complete make over.


1139 Portola Rd Pebble Beach $3,995,000 Older home with some incredible ocean view and MPCC golf course, one story home 3/3 2512 Sq.Ft. and lot of 60277 that is very large for the area.


3106 Flavin Lane Pebble Beach $4,200,000 also a gorgeous home, very interesting high ceiling, very modern with some very large rooms.




I am taking the time to take you around the Monterey Peninsula to show our local real estate market. It is a really vast area with all kind of home price, mostly more to the high end that our median income. I go back later on to check the one that sold and I will have a fare market value of an area.


Thank you and I will see you next week!



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...P.S Just let me know if you want to preview any of these homes and don't for forget your checkbook...

06.24.14 NOD List.pdf (6.01 kb)

06.24.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (4.46 kb)


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