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by qinfovio 18. June 2014 12:44
Good afternoon,
I have some very good news for Monterey Peninsula residents that more expansive homes are getting built and I am speaking 4, 7,
20 $Millions and more and getting sold.
You want to be living and buying a property in these areas, where the very wealthy are investing. The only bad news, is that it is going to cost your more money.
As I told you last week, I will be taking you through a tour of the Monterey Peninsula.
Our new office location is bringing us a lot of walking, being the only real estate office in the city of Seaside, just located across the Goodwill 'store.
We have have a constant request for rental:
+A couple with very nice dog looking for a 2 bed+ /1 bath up to $2,000.00 in the Seaside/ Del Rey Oaks.
+Another couple relocating from Chico is looking for 3 bed/ 2 bath up to $2,500 anywhere in the Peninsula. 
                                      ( I have their contact information available)
Let's go for our ride. I usually visit an average 30 to 40 homes a week, between 1500 to 2000 homes a year. The next step is to check the ones that sell so you will get to know your local market.


I will not do any comments on the pricing.


8 Buena Vista Del Rio Carmel Valley CV $849,000 This one, is pass Carmel Valley village, in the Del Rio area, little bit tuck away. Very basic one story house.


13240 Middle Canyon Rd CV $999,000 is located just before Los Laureles Lodge, up a private gate. Very private, nice views but steep driveway.


13 Del Mesa Carmel $539,000 Carmel Long Walk is located on Carmel Valley road. Del Mesa and Hacienda town house/condominium are for senior citizen. Couple notes concerning some of their units: Some are away from the parking lot and the other observation is the HOA due between $921 and $1100 and even higher base on the sized of the unit.


159 Hacienda Carmel $375,000 inventory is slowly building up in both place, when inventory is increasing, we should expect some declining price.


26259 Hilltop Place Carmel $2,595,000 As you can see, once you open all this link for these homes in the Carmel area,

average square feet of the house is around 1600. But believe me, every square feet have been put to work.


0 San Carlos 5 SW of 12 TH Carmel $1,150,000 When pricing these homes, you have to rate the amenities, materials, 

that were put into the property, from anywhere from A+ to a basic D- and even less. Then the next step is of course the location.


0 Dolores 5 SE of 10Th Carmel $2,450,000 I really like that one, with the arch that they did over looking at the kitchen.


Looking at tall hese well done property, it gave you the trend of new home design, including materials, paint color.


0 SE Vizcaino Ave Carmel $1,150,000 While visiting that one, an agent was just putting his new listing few houses up for all of us to see and he was asking about pricing his property.


The broker tour is spread over 3 days to cover all areas.It is the time for all agents to meet and comments on pricing.

If you are a seller, pay attention at your agent commenting on their broker tour's.


3850 Rio Road #19 Carmel Condo $620,000 This condo is located across the post office next to the Barnyard. This one has not been updated. It will have less attention from buyers, probably 30 to 40% of the 100% that will be looking or have any interest on property that have not been updated.


3662 Lazarro Dr Carmel $1,250,000 is located up the hill across the Carmel Mission, it has an overview of the Barnyard. House has been updated, nice barbecue area.


499 Aguajito Rd Jack's Peak $12,900,000 Now I am taking you across the Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey. It is the Jack's Peak area and is in the Carmel zip code. This one remind kind of Big Sur home, lot of wood, and look almost like a lodge due to this size.It has nice outside pool, outstanding view of the Peninsula.


24704 Aguajito Rd Jack's Peak $1,795,000 Same area but with no bay view. This house was updated.


The only draw back in the Jack's Peak area are their roads, during the winter with any heavy rain. 


But what makes this area very attractive is a lot of peoples relocating from Carmel Highland to Jack's Peak because of the Sunny area.


3974 Ronda Pebble Beach $1,799,000 Getting into the Pebble Beach area, this one will need a complete make over. It is all black, dark hardwood floor, white grey/beige wall's color and has no much energy, not very Zen.


1037 Rodeo Rd Pebble Beach $4,995,000 It is an older home, big home in a well expensive side of Pebble Beach. It is not far away from the beach and all golf courses. It has a lot charm and will be a nice house to turn into an a bed & breakfast B&B.


3145 Stevenson Dr PB $1,195,000 Just on Stevenson Drive, a turn key house. Every buyers at that price range will be taking a look at that one. Once a home has been updated, it will have 100% of the buyer's market interest.


1048 San Carlos PB $1,195,000 no inside pictures They don't show any pictures on that one to respect maybe the privacy of the occupant but also because this one will need a nice face lift, a complete make over.




Inventory is getting very low in Pacific Grove, so I will expect price to rise. High demand for the PG area are usually due to their school that get their tax from Pebble Beach.


Inventory is building in Seaside, so I will expect price to be more stable for the up coming months.


Pricing a property that is located in a sub division, town house/condo, track home, older part of a the town, where there are a lot of similar property is very easy. But as I mentioned at the beginning of this talk, as we are going over million's homes, you have to look and rate what has been put in the property.


Before I let you go, I had very good time watching a movie/documentary made to the man that invented the electric guitar and the multiple sound tracks system. You will be probably recognized his name, Les Paul.
And it seems that they have the same idea on getting these new movies on the 3 D, where they make you wear glasses. It is like multi track movies that make that effect.
Thanks and I will see you nest week!
Christian Viollaz
License 01318338
To Find Out What's Your Home Worth?

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