Fat Sick Nearly Dead

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Good afternoon,
Beautiful day in the Peninsula, perfect day for...I will tell you at the end of this Tuesday Talk.
We have only two properties in two weeks with REO Third Party List and I attach another one from last year during only one week period.
Last fall, I already shared with you this site for owners to do their own management, it is a terrific money making www.airbnb.comt
I want to introduce again to  Patty's Magic Touch She is doing a terrific job with her property that I know very well. Check the entire site and how much respond that she has.
And I can say that she really has this magic touch with the in and out of this property. On the backyard, back right side, has always been a windy area. She recycled her window to this area and she will have all this ugly bricks wall covered with flowers at anytime now.
For this reason, I am bringing you Click Here to view photos and details about the property  (1202 David Monterey $685,000)
This property will fit perfectly as vacation rental, it is an older home that is using a mix of both century, done with a very good taste.
I will encourage investors and some of you to look at this new way of making money with your properties. The Monterey Peninsula is a key tourism destination.
I want to go over again with my three economics' drawers:
First one is the today up to 3 years, the Second one from 3 to 5 years, and Third and last 5 years up to 10 years.
I will put this type of project in the Third drawer, meaning at one time, it is going to be very cheap for the rest of the world to vacation over here due to the devaluation of the dollar.
I want to bring you this week to a very unknown area to most of buyers, "The Del Mesa Community" for seniors citizen. It is a very nice complex, more on the upscale side than any others around our area. It is gated, you will be driving in the middle on a forest of pines.
The reason that I also pick this property is the top location that it has. It is easy to find, has the entire packing lot, easy walking distance to the entire community. It is price very well since it will need a complete face lift.
As I am always on the look for inspiration, I run into this terrific one Fat Sick and Nearly Dead | a Joe Cross Film
This film is not only about fat or loosing weight but also on living a more healthy live without medication.
It is about a very successful Australian guy Joe, that fail into the trap of successful people's, by eating, drinking, partying and almost died.
It took a 60 days challenge to change and get his life back and by the same time, he was able to have some followers. Phil was the perfect one. A 42 years old truck driver from Iowa at 429 Lb down to the mid 250 Lb. When Joe came back to meet with Phil, he brought him back a tee shirt from Australia a XXL size and at my first thought, it was very mean. All the way at the end of the movie, pass the end, Phil is running and wearing it.
I Google search the movie and it turned to be a new entire business. This type of business that required discipline, hard work with the Boss being your own body. Each of you should watch it.
I will put this subject in our third drawer, meaning health care is going to be restructured in the way that it will be more generic.
Give yourself time to be in top healthy condition and stay away from the killing medication.
Thank you and I will see you next week!
Christian Viollaz
License 01318338
Don’t Pay Another Cent in Rent To Your Landlord ...

P.S I almost forgot, I will be hitting this way to cool off our today's heat:


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