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by qinfovio 1. April 2014 15:09
Good afternoon,
We are finally getting some rain and we might expect some landslide usually in the Big Sur area if it keeps raining.
I want to bring you the tragedy of the landslide in Oso Washington that is taking more lives. As we are moving into the second weeks, every one try to find some one to blame or find a way how to prevent this type of situation. I saw in one interview where survivors, homeowners that purchased property within the last 5 years, were asked if they were aware that they were in a landslide area.
In all real estate sales in our State of California, we are required to provide to to all buyers "The Hazard Disclosure Report", it used to come in hard copy, nice booklet of at least 60 pages ad more. As we are moving with our recycle world, all these reports have not be send to us and to buyer as PDF file or a link.
I wonder how many buyers go over this report. There is a lot of stuff in it. I attach for your own review two of them. I always check for earth quake zone, seismic fault, fire area, flood area, Megan Law...I don't go over the entire report but mostly over these main issues...
One was made for a property in the City of San Leandro and it seems that they might have a dam not far away and it could be very shaky in case earthquake. 
You will find similar report on the other one in Seaside. I usually go more into the report with buyers new to our area, concerning potential noise due to the airport, flooding in the Carmel Mission Fields area, fire hazard in the forest area and each area. 
When ever I have buyers ready to make a decision and to move ahead with their purchase, I will pin point them all the good and bad for a specific location and at sometime, I will just said that I will not buy it for myself.
Here again, location is the key factor for any purchase and it could be hazards, crime, neighborhood...I will disclose and buyers will make their own decision.
I am bringing you three properties that should be moving fast. If at the later time you are coming back and click on the link and it does not show the property again, it means it is not available anymore.


496 Mar Vista Monterey $608,000 I like this one a lot, in the Skyline Forest Area. Prime Monterey location, within 10 minutes to any local towns. The house is very clean and was mostly redone, will just need to upgrade one of their bathroom. It has nice yard, lemons tree, bay view.


999 David Ave Pacific Grove $699,000 is located on a kind of busy traffic area during rush hours, but you cannot hear any noise from inside the property. I would like to recommend this one to go check. It is in immaculate condition, completely dress up to be sold.


1251 2nd street Duplex Monterey $699,000 very clean, nice duplex, very private, each have their own space, double cars garage, next to NPS Navy Postgraduate School.


Price seems to be right and they all have one common point that I always like, is their location.






I have always been looking five to ten years ahead of my time, mostly since I passed 30 years old. I knew that when I was at my mid thirty that I will have to make a career change. As a Chef Owner and being in the hospitality for almost 20 years, it is getting hard on your physical, mental because you are always on the run.


On the business side of it, if I have to pursue into this career, I will have to relocate to LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas. But if I want to stay over here, in the Monterey Peninsula, I will have to recycle myself into less physical job. I came into real estate just as into cooking out of nowhere.


As time passed with all the hurdles that we went through with our economy, I keep looking into the next ten years ahead of myself with the job situation,and within the next five years with the financial situation. The best lesson that I learned was to live one day at the time. Too much planning will bring you nowhere.


As now, real estate in Las Vegas, Phoenix, all around California are up 40% in value from their low bottom. We are in our way to fully recover value lost that we had and we will go back to 2006 homes price and even higher. We have all the right ingredients with low interest rate, cheap credit.


I keep researching, analyzing, reading and I came to the point that I need to add one more step to my 5 and 10 years planning: I have to add the 1 or 2 years plans, the today, the day by day economic situation.


You have to be organize and put all that stuff in order with our today's business. It is like a big file cabinets with a bunch of drawers, knowing what to expect with thin the next 2 years, and next 5 years and longer time period of ten years. 


You are welcome to check Me on the Phone with the last week Tuesday Talk and You click on it if you like it so we can stay connected.


Thanks and I will see you next week!



Christian Viollaz
License 1318338
9 Buyer Traps and How to Avoid Them

04.01.14 NOD List.pdf (6.00 kb)

04.01.14 REO 3 rd Party.pdf (7.89 kb)

San Leando DisclosureSave.pdf (288.85 kb)

Seaside JCP Report Natural Hazards .pdf (339.68 kb)


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