"The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant."-

by qinfovio 11. March 2014 15:26
Good afternoon,
The slow dripping of homes ending as REO and 3 Party should be changing direction this year.
A quick review of: What is a NOD? The first step that as soon that someone default on their mortgage, lenders will follow
all regulated procedures that precede the foreclosure process. Lenders are required to make multiple attempts to connect with the homeowners and to assist them with any available programs. It usually takes an average 60 days and if no respond are made from homeowners, NOD Notice Of Defaultwill be recorded.
What is a foreclosure property that end up as REO or 3 Party? If no solutions were made to assist homeowners, property will be sold at
the Court House, and also online through Auction.com. Sales are cashier check, Buyers will be considered 3 Party/Investors and many
times, Lenders are ending getting their property back and it is then called REO property.
The biggest draw of this type of sale is that there is no title insurance, meaning you have to check if there is any other liens and their positions...
Meaning if you buy a property second loan that seems very appealing at first, there is a big chance to get a larger loan in front of it...
Meaning that you will end up with the need to buy the first loan or loose your money.
You have to do your homework and the best way to find out at the court house is if you are the only one that is betting on it.
It also happen when you try to buy from homeowner directly that will give you a grand deed, but has couple recorded loans on it.


Instead of having lenders that are getting heavily regulated to deal with the entire foreclosure process, these defaulting mortgages are sold to "Loan Servicers" that take over the process. Lenders might finally found a new flood gate!
As the press like to use all kind of useless word to confuse and create fears on you, in today's world Banks and Lenders have the same
identity with the exception of few local banks.
We have a new regulation started with Chase Bank first, and if you run a property management, you will need to adjust with the change. You renters will not be allowed to make any cash deposit through deposit slip into your account, even if it is a business account. They will need to use check or handle you the cash deposit.

I will be bringing this Tuesday Talk into my blog at my site  http://www.carmelforsales.com/default.asp that will be post into my face book
I am at the earlier stage to try to figure out how to use all these tools. The person that is leading me in this new venture is James Albucher with his book "Choose Yourself" and you should be able to click on the link above.
As I mentioned in another blog with the Lost Interview by Steve Jobs, one of his main message is To learn How to Think.
I had used his philosophy many times and most recently with our evolving economy. I am very fortunate to be in the right field for that purpose.
I am starting my 14 years as a real estate broker, and my own brokerage for 10 years. I brokered loans for 4 years, passed my real estate appraiser license. I had my financially hardship in 2009, I lived through it and now I try to figure how did the all thing happen.
As when I started my real estate career, it was a large 500 pieces puzzle to put together and is now completed.
I started over 4 years ago to research all the elements that created this big mess and it seems that everyone had forgot about it already.
Why? Because we were conditioned and put into a way of thinking, a mold for the past 50/60 years that does not allowed you to think.
Our government and politicians are doing the thinking for us, it is more convenient and without knowing if they are right of wrong.
As I already mentioned, you cannot just take a look at a specific item, like real estate, banks, but also at what create values, at our GDP,
at our the national and world debt, unemployment, stock market, monetary...try to interlink and put this 1000 pieces puzzle together.
It is more like looking at that the formation and the movement of the continents. And the biggest challenge is to find a way to bring it to You.
The latest book that I am just starting is "The Money Bubble" by James Turk & John Rubino.


The first imprint in their book: "The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant."-Robespierre
The purpose of this evolving and any kind of research is to understand what it takes to think.
I will be sharing and bringing to you all these items and at one the time, we will be able to pull the string and all pieces will fit together.
Thank and I will see you next week!
Christian Viollaz
License 1318338
9 Buyer Traps and How to Avoid Them

03.04.14 NOD List.pdf (10.52 kb)

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