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by qinfovio 25. February 2014 16:47
Good afternoon,
The micro climate in our area within a thirty minutes driving is very diversify. As yesterday I had to do a quick run from downtown Seaside where the weather was nice close to 70's, passing through
Hwy 1/Carmel area nicely under fog at around 50's to my destination at the Palo Colorado Canyon. It is located south on Hwy 1, just past the Rocky Point restaurant, first road on your left.
You will find a nice narrow road in the middle of a giant redwood forest and by 4.30 PM you cannot tell if it was sunny or foggy, but it make you feel like that you are wearing a big hat. I was very thanks full to the Fire Station that help me located a property.
As we had a short talk, all roads in most Big Sur area are nameless and in most case, cell phone don't work.
My only comment that I can make for this specific area, I hope that they will never, never have any fire because there is only one way out, up or down. Roads are so narrow, between giant trees and you can easily loose your sense of orientation.
I have to come back with last week concerning the credit report...the last, last thing that you don't want in it and you better to check it if you are a renter is any collection due to eviction.
As with our property management division, I will work with any and most situations but a posted eviction in your credit report, is a No!, No!
I suggested to my friend to call the collection agency, pay them off and get it out of your credit report. It is good as much for residential than commercial.
That was a time you were able to walk away without paying rent for months, breaking lease, damaging the property and so on,  and now it is over.
Any monetary issue could end up in this report, so check it out once a year.
I have to do a run to the water management last week to get my permit so I can open my office. They have couple buildings at 5 Harris Court of Hwy 68. At the same time I checked for one our client that was asking on getting a permit from 1 1/2 bathroom to a 2 bathroom.
The total cost of the permit including of junk fees for the extra 1/2 bathroom for shower or tub is around $1,000.00. I asked them if they added any lunch fees  into their junk fees and I almost get her.
Adding a legal 1/2 bathroom to your house is going the best return on your money and I will expect the price to keep rising, get it done while you can.
You can see in our REO 3 Party list of today, property located 362 El Caminito Rd in Carmel Valley sold at the court house for $834,900.
Most of 3 party sales are flip's property. I know this property and I will be watching once he come back on the market for asking price and selling price. It is a nice piece of property but the access is not my preferred one. I say that it could be a good one to buy and live in but to flip, I am not quite sure!!!!
A good and crazy book to check is the one from James Altucher "Choose Yourself". I am using the slow time of the year and also the reopening of our office on putting seeds on our marketing. 
I have been into practice for quite a while on how to learn to think to myself, it is sometime a painful process to go through but extremely rewarding at the end.
In his book, I was mostly interested  with the use of the multi media, the networking, blogging and try to understand how the entire pieces work together.
It is taking me back to last week subject with creating traffic with your search engine and it is the other way of going instead of
He showed you on you can publish your book for a very low price.
He is also an extremely good successful entrepreneur and you are welcome to be the next.
Thank you and I will see you next week!
Christian Viollaz
License 01318338
To Find Out What's Your Home Worth?
P.S I have a request with good reference, searching for a studio or a room for rent in the Carmel Valley area up to $750



02.25.14 NOD List.pdf (5.53 kb)

02.25.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (8.18 kb)


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