08.28.12 New American Revolution

by qinfovio 28. August 2012 14:54

  The next American Revolution

For the past couple weeks, I was watching through DVD the American Revolution and also the the Prohibition from

the 1920 through 1933. This revolution came from learning from the older world, where you had only two class

of people the poor and the rich, no middle class. As B Franklin was visiting England in the 1760, he really felt that

he and the American peoples were not fitting in either class. The purpose of England to make

money with the new world was supposedly be done on trade not on taxing American peoples.


And itall start with Stamp Act of 1765, England could made all the money they need with the trade but then the kingdom need

to collect money to pay for his war. They were able to do it with all their other colonies and mostly India.

But in America, people migrated from England and they were not planning to live this policy in the world.


The biggest challenge once the war with England was over was to form a government. And it is where I want to make a point to

this Tuesday Talk today. American with only 13 states, was ahead of the world with the idea to create a new type of government

and creating a republic instead of a monarchy, with freedom of speech and the press. It took over 4 months

to write the American Constitution.


The New America has change the world politic moving from monarchy, to socialism/communism to capitalism. And the only politic  

 that work is capitalism. As now, our country and all the old world is turning into socialism, meaning that our peoples are expecting 

  in our government to take care of us.


At the beginning of the New America and all the way to the Prohibition (1920) there was no income tax. Income tax was created

to pay for the lost of revenue due to the prohibition. American had his up and down since the earlier to mid twentieth century,

economically speaking, but as our government start to need more money to pay for his war, income tax and mostly corporate tax went  

up   high enough forcing major corporations to relocate. And what was a capitalist system that we had is gone. And it is not only  

 happening over here, but to most develop country.


And now, a little more than 222 years from our last revolution, we might need to come back to our first purpose to be independent 

from our government not to be dependant. It will probably take a new kind of revolution in the US to get back into more a capitalist system 

and getting less power government/control.


We will need to reverse the wheel to go back to a 15% corporate and income tax, so it will be profitable and get the business back

to the US. And our actual crisis has already done a good part of it by readjusting our housing market and it will keep adjusting.

And the next biggest part will be to cut government spending and it is where an evolution that might turn into a revolution will bring us to

the next level, making the wheel to turn.


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