06.26.12 Tuesday Talk Carpet Cleaner Hourly Charged Would be More Reasonable

by qinfovio 3. July 2012 16:45
Good afternoon,
I have been watching a series call "Lie to Me" through Netflix. It has a lot to do with the body language
and reading people expressions, feelings and I am sure that it is going to help me a lot in real estate.
This will take me to this situation where I visited three weeks ago a home owner that was delinquent into his mortgage
at the request of his lender. I found out last week that he hang himself. In his case, he was going through
a divorce, has lost his job and he was in his way to loose his house.
I will be more aware of this similar situation in the future since I have access to their personal situation and I will ask straight forward questions.
I will suggest that you do the same if you have friends or family member that go through this hardship.
I will be sharing with you next week our tomorrow meeting with CAR California Association of Realtors. They are visiting the Entire State
and bringing us the latest update with our real estate market and also our economy for 2012. It is very important for them to sent the message
across the State and of course, the message is always good, because people want good news just to feel good.
I will expect a new brand of business opportunity and mostly for business that charge you per quantity instead of per hours.
The typical example would be carpet cleaning where they charge your per room. I had one my rental that need a carpet cleaning
and I had couple estimate that came to $280.00 and I also ask how much time it would take? The answer was 2 1/2 hours. ($112.00 per hours)
You don't need a Master or Ph.D! All you need a machine at around $10,000.00 plus a van. Charging a $60.00 to $70.00 will still good money.
It is the same for installing floor, most of them charge per square feet. I did one last year where I paid a per hour and it was a good saving.
I was asking 3 weeks ago if we could built a home (1200 to 1400 sf) for $150,000.00.
I was checking with one of my old contractor's friend. He said in the 1970/1980 a general contractor would be
a one man show. He would buy a lot, subdivide the lot, draw a plan and go through the city for approval.
But as today with a bunch of policies and useless jobs that have been added, it would not make it profitable to build anymore.
Thanks and I will see you next week.

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Christian Viollaz, Realtor  


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