05.08.12 When the New Energy Would be Available?

by qinfovio 13. May 2012 13:56
Good afternoon,
Wells Fargo/Wachovia/World Saving/ was ahead of most lenders when it comes to the short sale market.
But as now, Bank of America is up to speed, having a bunch of seminar for Agents to be inform with their process. I will need to attend
one tomorrow. I can probably get all the info through BOA website but we need to show up couple times a year, so we might be on their list
of recommend Agent for their short sale. Few of them are now using the same software through Equator.com and you are welcome to visit,
they also have a lot of info for home owner.
The last one that we are all waiting for is Chase. Everything is still done by fax, calling them and a lot of time wasted on our side.
I am a subscriber to Doug Casey Research and I am not too crazy with his research and himself for the only reason that for most of the time,
he is always right. The last case, he had an article 3 months ago mentioning that the French President Sarkozy will loose the election and he did. 
It seems that a lot of European country are dumping their leaders due to our Economic Crisis. That will be no miracle to this crisis as most people hope,
thinking what go down will go up. Economics are all about income, debt and growth. I was checking this morning on CNN.com where they show that
10 of the 12 country with the highest tax debt was in Europe with an average of 50%.
It is like a Cube with 6 colors, you can play as much as you want, but you will never put it together unless you have the right formula, it is not luck
but understanding how it works.
I want to share a link below with a very hot topic with new gas discovery that will save us from the oil industry. It might help our economy ,but would be
in the longer run.
Thanks and I will see you next week!
Christian Viollaz
License 01318338
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