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by qinfovio 17. April 2012 13:42
Good afternoon,
Many homeowners will have an important decision to make with their housing since the Tax Relief act is ending in 2012 and you
might be eligible up to 2 Millions as your primary residence. 
I am expecting our crisis to get more messy and I will have to adjust my business accordingly. I will not expect any improvement for the
real estate part within the next 3 to 5 years.
I end up my last week with "I will tell you next week with the one third missing to complete our real estate crisis."
Today, I want to introduce to some of you that might already know to "PAGE Pan Asian Gold Exchange"
Before 1944, the world currency was the Pound Sterling and after World War II moved to the US Dollar.
To be a world currency you have to be able to back your currency with gold and it was done until 1971 until Richard Nixon
made the change. In a Gold Backed Economy, the authorities cannot increase the money supply by just printing more money.
It is how we did to finance our debt. The federal reserve print more money and sell it through bonds and securities and when the economy bounce back they will take this money out of circulation and will reset the value of the dollar. But the more debt that you have (around 16,4 trillions by the end of this year), the more printing you will do and is even more easy when you don't have anything to back it up beside paper...until somebody else is ready to take your place.
The two world wide gold trading are in London with LBMA and in New York COMEX. They adjust the value of the gold that is
back by paper by less than 4% in physical bullion. PAGE will start to trade this coming June with 100% back by physical
gold or their currency Renminbi.
Would you prefer to buy a cheaper GOLD with COMEX and LBMA that is back up with less than 4% in physical bullion
or a little bit a higher price through PAGE that is 100% physical gold?  
Why should you be concern? I will have few words for you next week for the cost of not being the WORLD Currency anymore.
Thanks and I will see you next week!


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