Year in Review, Organize Your Cabinet

by qinfovio 13. January 2015 14:56

Good afternoon,

We are finally coming down to our last Tuesday Talk of this year. I think that we did some progress on organizing our knowledge for 

the up coming years.

The best way was to section each different areas that is affecting our real estate market by putting them in different draws starting 

with our today’s economy, what is looking very good and is good shape. 

Another draw for the U.S debt, with money printing and effect that it will have on our economy and so on, with the last few ones on 

the list would be when it is going to happen and how can we prepare ourselves.

And in case it does not happen, we will have nothing to loose and if it has to happen, we will be couple steps ahead of the crowd. 




As we are getting closer to the holidays, a new up coming year, it is getting tricky with the closing of all our sales mostly due for “Tax Reason” and some others for changing laws. 

We have been postponing for over three year the Tax Forgiveness related to short sale property. 

It is allowing homeowners not to pay any tax related with their property that has been sold as a lost on the lenders/investors side.

The key to get you to the finishing line is communication with all the players, including lenders, appraisers, agents, title company, termite works, funding and recording. 

I also mentioned last week that the last couple weeks of the year are the best time to bring an offer and of course, if you find the right property.

All four properties are in Monterey:

This one is a flipper, large living room/family room with smaller bedrooms.

206 Edinburg Ave Monterey $575,000


Next to Del Monte golf course, very clean.

1162 Josselyn Canyon Rd Monterey $589,900


Not an easy floor plan since you do not have two bedrooms near to each other, what it is a need with young child or children.

947 Johnson St Monterey $629,000


Very cute on a busy street, but it has the location.

970 W Franklin Monterey $629,000 


   Year in Review:


I think that we have all the key elements for an upcoming successful year in real estate for 2015 with low interest rate, low unemployment. 

You are not getting much money by letting your money in the bank. And I think that the best edge against future inflation is into real estate.

Our home inventory for the entire county is giving us only a couple months of supply. I will expect home price to rise slowly and if 

you are planning to sell, end of spring is the best time to do it.

My next biggest challenge would be to understand and adjust with the Death of Money. 

We have some structural damage into our monetary system mostly due by having one world currency, the dollar.  

I am not interested of figuring when it would be replaced but how it will affect us. We might have to expect devaluation to as $9,000 per 

ounce of gold as now, it is around $1,200. 

It means that a $200,000 home will look more like a $1,500,000 and a barrel of oil would be around $600.00 and now is down to around $65.00. 

The benefit of this devaluation should affect and reduce debts all around the world. 

As I mentioned at the beginning, we are very organize and I am putting this project into a different draw.


I want to end this last Tuesday Talk of the year with a cooking tip that I never shared before with anyone. 

I used to through away all the juices that are in the jar to preserve like green olive, garbanzo beans. I have been taught that it was bad juice.

I usually use juice from the green olive to deglaze while cooking lamb chops/racks. I usually sauté with oil, onions, portabella mushrooms, 

deglaze and put in the oven for around 7 minutes.

And I used garbanzo juice for pork where sometime I used honey instead of mushrooms.

And for any type of juice, mostly vegetable uses them to poach fish/seafood.  Don’t through away the juice, it is the best part. 

I had a second thought after remembering giving cherries brandy to my client when I had my restaurant, and the brandy was the best part.

Happy New Year and Holidays and we will get back on January 06, 2015.

Christian Viollaz

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Christian Viollaz
Chez Christian Real Estate
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Fax: 831-275-2700 

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How Predictable is The Big One?

by qinfovio 15. December 2014 13:13

Good afternoon,

 I felt two earthquakes during the past 30 days, a reminder that our continents are moving and there is not much that human being can control once it comes to mother nature.

 As I am getting use to our new system, I will be bringing you more information through all these high tech tools and you will be 100% safe if you are using a Mac.

I have speaking a lot this year with the high cost of doing a business in our State of California, and that our State has been run by bureaucrats.

 United has 50 States with another one that has not been added yet but where all Tax Free Thinkers are moving to and It is Puerto Rico.

 All fifty states are run independently, competing with each other. Then it goes down to State, County and Cities, and what makes the difference is their leadership.

 I am bringing you an IBD Podcast and only the first portion is the subject of our today Tuesday Talk. The speaker is Chuck DeVore that lived all his life in California, he was on the California State Assemble and regulating and implementing taxes. Tax in California versus Texas In 2011 he moved to Texas and he is comparing both States. Let me know if you have any issues on viewing this interview.


 By the mean time, I was going through a similar topic with the The Death of Money

It is taking us to IMF International Money Fund that monitor; regulate more or less the world currency system. In April 2, 2009, the G20 met in London and the IMF pledged for a $750 billion and every country agreed to pinch in, including the United States with their $100 billion share.

 For every dollar that IMF lends, it has to get the funding from all these countries.

 But later one, Obama has to go through the congress but did not really tell the purpose of this money. It turned out that it was primarily to bail out the Eurozone members Ireland, Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus. It would be used to bail out Greek bureaucrats who retired at age fifty with lifetime pensions, while Americans were working past seventy to make ends meet.

 I can see a close relation between California with these similar countries.

 Unlike an earthquake, you cannot feel it but you can see how it is slowly moving and taking shape. And I think that is going to be more predictable than the big earthquake if we have to have a big one.


 The tour is taking us to the Carmel Valley area. I will say that between this week and next week are the best time to buy a house and bring an offer in.

 52 Paso Cresta Carmel Valley $679,000 This one is located at the bottom ride side of the town, near by the river, large lot.

 177 Calle De La Ventana Carmel Valley $849,500

Located at the end of the town, right side up (pass the burned formal Ridge Restaurant. It is very sad to see what it is left. It used to have one of the best restaurants in Carmel Valley, beautiful view, tucked away swimming pool).

Like many properties, lot of addition, converted bedrooms, restrooms without permits.

 199 Laurel CV $1,195,000

You need to check that one and the next one. Similar type of location, similar views.

Then you check the inside, all the details and of course, days on the market, and price.

 25530 Via Paloma CV $998,000Pricing a property to sell is not easy but it is very easy to overprice a property. Try to compare this one with 199 Laurel.

 All tiles flooring, easy to add new flooring 67 Del Mesa Carmel $785,000

 Best deal of the week, I like the location, beautiful bay view, it has a lot of potential

201 Via Gayuba Monterey $625,000 Buy Of The Week



While I was previewing a vacant home in Seaside, not the best location, I noticed that the large sliding going from the bedroom to the backyard was wide opened. Then, when I went upstairs, a new pair of snickers/tennis shoes was on the bedroom floor. Then I was thinking that maybe someone heard me and run out.I did not feel comfortable at that time, thinking that maybe someone was hiding somewhere. I just closed, locked the sliding door and main door and notify the agent.  When you feel in an uncomfortable situation, just trust yourself, get out.

 Thank you and I will see you next week!

 Christian Viollaz


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Not Such a Froggy!

by qinfovio 8. December 2014 10:16

Good afternoon,


Even everyone or almost everyone hate rain but with all the bad publicity

with California’s drought, everyone have now a good reason to love rain,

but unlike the froggie, I am still not creasy about it.


As a business owner and entrepreneur, and any of you that are in this situation,

We always have to research our market.

As I like to observed trends and to be more specific real estate’s trends.

As we are moving to a larger number of baby boomers, I believe that a larger number of them still prefer to visit an office instead of going online and as much as buying or selling a property.

As I am getting more peoples coming through my door everyday, I always ask them what bring them here? Easy answer; They are all dropping their car at their dealership or

mechanics and as we are located within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance to all of them, they come to chat and investigate.

One was concern with the home’s value that is going up. For some of you that bought your property at the top of the market, when the market dropped, 30%, 40% more or less,

so that you property tax. But your property tax will readjust with the value if it goes up.

But as property value is moving up, let say $500,000 back to $700,000 and at an average of 1.2% per 1000 on property tax, it is going to be an extra $2,400.

And I have to admit, that property tax in California at one time will be a draw back at purchasing a home. Mostly now, when buying in a

new subdivision you have to add HOA and also Mello Ross.

Bringing to my next visitor where we were speaking about East Garrison new development. For a $600,000 home purchase, it is going to cost you a $1,000

per month and up for the remaining time that you will own this property not including your mortgage.

As an investor, there is no real incentive and for a homeowner, you are better off to go back find a home in Monterey.

I was asking the same visitor if he register with them, and he say no. I ask him again, did you write name anywhere and he say yes, but just as

a visiting guest as they required to everyone.

But you cannot then be represented by your agent. I had a similar case in my office and for me it is the side of the sale person where it said that “Selling is not Telling”

and I completely disagreed with that thought.

…Another visitors and I think that there is a huge market coming up, are the homeowners that went through a short sale. It will take 2 years for these homeowners to

come back and they are coming back… How Soon Can We Buy After a Short Sale? 

(I just made a quick call for the time after short sale and they have now only one day after the short sale closed)

Getting back about researching our market, I think that I will be spending more time visiting these car dealers near by.

Your business is dictated by your location and with the baby boomers in our area, you will need easy access for them, street level, elevator.


At one time, I took some reading speeding class, teaching how to read faster.

I wonder who came with this idea of speeding/ reading? Reading a magazine, newspaper and so long…not much of a reading but as I am moving with the

The Death of Money

 and I am at the stage where he is speaking about tax and debt that turn into deficit if it is short.  The cost of paying the interest is not included in

the deficit and how manageable is the cost of this deficit.

As we finally passed couple days ago the $18 trillions debts, I try to put in prospective and analyze the topic of this chapter but it is turning

more like into a slow reading                                                                                

Bottom line is not as fast as you can read, but for how long can we manipulate the speed of a clock?


Thank and I will see you next week!


Christian Viollaz

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Fondue Time

by qinfovio 1. December 2014 11:23

Good afternoon,

We are finally getting some rain and enough cool weather to get our fondue set out of the shelves. We did not wait for Trader Joe to officially open the season.

 We have a very nice friendly set up at our office so that later on we can try other dishes as “Raclette” made also of cheese and the same equipment is also offering “Pierrade”, a flat stone laying down over the raclette equipment.

 The stone will be get hot and you can cook any vegetable, seafood or meat on it.

 I think that bringing good cooking food in your daily life is bringing you good quality life and it does not just have to be for special occasion.


 You have probably figure out by now that cooking is as important for myself than researching our markets. Researching and understanding markets have a lot to do with an open mind, required many times to be a contrarian.

 We already know a lot about our real estate market by having me sharing with you all these properties that I previewed weekly. We all know that the trend is up and up for at least couple more years. And that price fluctuates from one area and move to the next one. 


The only dark side that we had was the immigration since our last crisis and I was able to find out that most of our Hispanic community were and are using a working permit, that they don’t have the status of permanent resident, and they would have to use a foreign loan to buy a property in the United States….that required 20% down payment. 

 So, if we can give a brake to our Hispanic community and get them back in the real estate market in 2015 and up coming years, we would have an increase of home price, another 20 to 30%, not as much than pre-crisis but good enough to bail out a lot of home owners.

 The other market that I am really interested and where bringing sense make no sense is the stock market and all other markets around it.

 I am sharing with you today an article that I attach, about Russia and that is the world cheapest stock market and why you should not buy it.

 I am a big fan of Dr. Steve Sjuggerud with Stansberry Research Team.

They always try to understand and research markets, looking at history, indexes. And according to this article, and looking at main Russian-stock ETF (RSX) versus its shares outstanding. Buying cheap is not always the best way to go but here again, if local Russians are not buying their own market, base on this index,

You shouldn’t buy it.

 As I have been researching on the best knowledgeable mentors concerning all these markets, I finally found this team to follow and to learn from and mostly Steve.


   Our Thursday Broker Tour took us from Hwy 68, to San Benancio Road/Corral Del Tierra to Carmel Valley to south of Hwy One down to Big Sur.

    I skipped the 15 and plus in the Pasadera area. A lot of homes at the mid 2$M, 3$M, more or less. This market is very hot and could be one of the best to buy.

 I will have to go back and check at numbers but I will estimate that a 1$ millions homes and over have to represent 90% of our local housing market. 

As I was mentioning last week restriction done in 1961 requiring that no home at a cost less than $14,000 could be build. 

 But as now, they should maybe restrict that no new home at a construction cost of over $500,000 could be build.  All these homes have 6,7, 8 bathrooms no shortage of water. But we have a real shortage of housing supply for our entire community.

 At least the name will support the price in the future 77 Panetta Rd Carmel Valley $1,195,000. Very clean, nice lay out.

 As I have mentioned in the past, don’t hold open house when you have workers all around the property 660 Country Club Drive $799,000 They did a good job on fixing that one, but I was almost stuck on getting out of the driveway.

 447 Dela Vina Monterey $459,888 back to Monterey, very clean, nice 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

 I like this unknown area on Monterey, behind MPC and below Macys’ shopping Center, centralize location 580 El Dorado St Monterey $1,950,000

 Probably the best deal for the day 39 Via Cimarron Monterey $599,000

 306 Cypress Ave Pacific Grove $998,000 close to town.

 706 Hillcrest Ave Pacific Grove $1,249,000 was completely redone. We sold the one next to that one in a short sale few years ago in the $525,000. New owner might be very happy. 

 Happy Thanksgiving and I will see you next week!

 Christian Viollaz



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Are You Saving Money switching Your PC to Apple

by qinfovio 19. November 2014 11:08

 Good Afternoon,

 I was able to cut so far 30% off my utility bill with the switch from my previous Window Server to Apple. I have to admit that once you are set up and ready to go, there is a large amount of time’s saving with Apple.

  The best item is to be able to go up or down from a page, sideways with the move of couple fingers.


 It is very helping in our daily life as gas price continues to drop. As so far, inflation has always being on the top priority of any governments.

 Why do we need inflation? It means that your debt is losing value.

 As I was going over some old CC&R that is attach to all new developments and that cover all the restriction that comes with them. (You will find this information during a sale of a property through the title company)

 The one that I was reading was done in 1961 for the south Salinas area, where you were not allowed to built a home at a cost of less than $14,000 (they should the reverse now). Similar homes now will cost no less than $200,000 for the same area, it is over 1500% inflation for a 53 years time period.

 Why is deflation bad? It is bad when you have debt, it will cost you more money to paid it off.  I think that at one time, we will have to go through deflation to set up the clock backward so it could work again.  As I was reading articles on both side of the subject, it seems that younger generation that never work and keep getting their education, will come in the job market and will take less paycheck compare to someone that was active for the past 20 to 30 years.

 I start to see this happen little bit here and there, just as my IT that is charging almost half from his competitors. I went through deflation on my own when home value in my market drop over 60%. It means that at one time my income has dropped over 60%.  I have and I was able to readjust to my new income, but what is sure, is that I cannot afford to spend what I used to spend.

 And I will expect that new companies, businesses that are offering services at a deflating price, would be the tomorrow leaders, just a thought.


                                         ++++++Welcome to our Weekly Tour++++++

 It is located in the Skyline Forest, it is price right, clean and ready to go 6 Greenwood Rise Monterey $668,000

 I really like that one. I think that it has potential, a fun house that could be finish nicely 651 Filmore St Monterey $649,000 REO


 I like the price for the location 0 Santa Fe & 6Th NE Corner Carmel $885,000

 It was nicely redone, wide street for this specific area, the only turn off is that you are overlooking your neighbor roof from the upstairs bathroom0 Guadalupe St Carmel $1,799,000 price reduce by $200,000

 2 NE 4TH Ave Carmel $1,195,000  Driving to the previous two ones and that one was a real trip, between construction trucks, very bumpy road, trees middle of the road, has almost give me the sea sick.

 25495 Shafter Wy Carmel $2,900,000 This one is a beauty, it has a lot of character, a very nice outside set up and it makes you feel that you paid for what you get.

 0 Forest 4 SW 7Th Carmel $1,995,000 in the same area.

 0 Junipero 5 SE of 8Th Carmel $1,350,000 closer to town, it has some nice natural light and has some character. It was recently rebuilt and is very zen.

 0 Carmelo & 12 Th NW Corner $2,495,000 reduce by $300,000 closer to the beach, nice price drop and if you like small bedrooms and the view of the surf, it is the one for you.

 1164 Phoenix $325,000 completely redone, good investement or primary residence

 This one in Seaside, perfect for income property or first time buyer.


Thank you and I will see you next weeks!


Christian Viollaz

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Focus on Today Economics and Be Prepared for Tomorrow!

by qinfovio 4. November 2014 16:20

Good afternoon,


I am still discovering and will be experimenting different ways on improving this Weekly Tuesday Talk.


We can really see that our economy is booming by just going to Home Depot. At 10.00 AM in the morning,it is as a “Mad House” parking lot is full. A good tip that I can shared with you is if you are planning on redoing your floor and putting any kind of hardwood floor, be sure to buy few extra boxes and put them aside in your garage.


We installed some bamboo floor in one of our unit less than 4 years ago and they are not the same product carry anymore.It has to be special order and it cost twice much.


It is the same for vents furnace, lighting fixtures and the list goes on; what use to be a quick run to the store turn to be more an up going weeks project.



I learned that the best way to manage my daily life in today’s world is to stay focus on the today economicsand be prepared for tomorrow. I forced myself to be organized by putting all different topics into different draws and step back.


To be prepared for tomorrow, I read and I would suggest 2011 Edition of Aftershock by Robert and David Wiedemer. I followed their instruction by the letter, some were done before I read the book. They tell you the best way to be preparedfinancially, and if they are wrong, you will still ahead of the crowd.


They have a bunch of edition, first one started in 2006 and the predictions were well done. I was able to tell at that time thatsome local peoples around here knew about it. I was very surprised to see MIIS Monterey Institute selling all their housingsat this time, I thought that they were maybe closing or relocating. 



I have been spending recently a lot of time in North Monterey County and the Salinas area. I am meeting some of these brokersthat were doing hundreds of foreclosure at one time, and as now they are starving, some are planning to retired. I kind of tellingthem that the worst part of the storm has not hit us yet and after couple thoughts, I think that I might be better off to learn my wayin the foreclosure market through them.


With one of our recent sale, buyer has come back to me, that he was speaking to friends and mention that we did not askfor termite inspection. My respond was that you have to work on a case by case and adjust with our market.


When you are in a situation of multiple offers, you need to bring a clean offer; meaning no termite inspection, no closingcost paid by sellers.Once you offer is accepted, then you can have a termite inspection and only if it is very bad you can ask somemoney back to fix it.


But do not count too much on it and remember that there are other offers waiting to take your place. 


The money that you will get back, it will need to show that it is for recurring and non recurring closing cost, do not show thatit is for termite. If your lender see it through HUD1 (it is a form where Title Company will show all the in and out money) lenderwill ask to be fix before closing.


On one of my last offer, we ask for both termite and closing cost in the multiple offers situation, and we didn’t make it.


One last word since that we are less than two months from the end of this year, if you plan to get in escrow as seller or buyer,you will have couple weeks left to do it. It is going to be important for your tax. As a seller of investment property, Title Companywill withhold 3.33% of the selling price until you file your tax. So if you close on January 5, 2015, you will not get this money until your 2016 Tax.


And as a buyer, you can have a nice tax right off with all the closing cost that come with your purchase.


Thank you and I will see you next week!


Christian Viollaz
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Bamboo Curtain

by qinfovio 27. August 2014 15:49

Good afternoon,


Gorgeous days are passing by and I hope that you are taking the time to enjoy them.

My favor's sand beach to enjoy a nice sunny day is still Zmudowski State Beach.


Once you get there, take a walk north going to the Dune complex and by low tide,

you can use a mountain bike and ride all the way to Rio Del Mar. Road to the beach

is in very bad shape, so I highly recommend a SUV.





I approach any transactions as an upcoming chain of events that you need to let develop

and fix as issues come up.


Usually the biggest one come with your Pre-Approval that you received from your loan officer. At this stage,

a pre-approval is a very basic information where your loan officer will check your income, will pull a credit

report that will merge to your application and it will give you a ruff idea on your purchasing power.


Once you have an approved offer, then your loan officer will go and collect all required additional information

by the lender. As a self employed, tax return of the last 2 years will be required and in some case, I have seen

buyers being rejected due to income tax return that were improperly file.


As now, in many cases, lenders are very vigilantes about the status of a non permanent US resident. The only way

to get any loan in that situation is to get a Foreign Loan that required usually a larger down payment.


As I am working in the Prunedale area looking for home for my buyers, over there, the main issue is that many properties are manufacturing home. For most buyers, it looks the same that any homes, but many lenders

will reject this type of property.


The reason that `I have to bring you these issues concerning a pre-approval is that your loan officer cannot do anything until your loanis in process. But the key to succeed in any of these situations is to work with a 

Mortgage Broker. A well experience mortgage broker is like a magician pulling out all the rabbits from his hat.

Each lenders are specialized in a line of loans with specific requirement.


If you go to any majors banks and have them to do your loan and if any of issues pop up, you are out of the race.

And remember that I always like to be with any of my buyers at the finishing line.




As last week, our new Fed Reserve Janet Yellen mentioned that they might raise the interest rate as our economy is improving.


I noticed that they usually do the opposite of what they said. I will expect the rate to keep going down.


1309 David Ave PG $635,000 open that one and compare with the next one.

1108 Presidio Blvd Pacific Grove $969,000 brand new home, and I think that they build between 4 to 6 homes,

go and check the design, materials. These homes are very well built.


705 Airport Rd Monterey $449,000 Smaller home, cute curd appeal.

549 English Ave Monterey $530,000 on the right side of English Ave, closer to Casanova st.

805 Grace Monterey $696,000 very private.


1179 Shafer Seaside $349,000 better to own than rent at this price.

1478 Kimball Duplex Seaside $499,000 This duplex has potential, 3/1.5 and 2/1. On top of Kimball,

next to General Moore, large lot.



24694 Pescadero Carmel $1,095,000 is the extreme right side of Carmel, it has some bay view.

0 Monte Verde 2 NE of 4Th Carmel $2,100,000 A lot of homes at similar price

0 Lincoln St Carmel $2,099,000 Same area, lot of forest, so expect some moldy smell in some of these homes.

0 Casanova 2 SE of 4Th $1,995,000 need a SUV for all these past 4 homes.

0 Mission 3 SW of 7th St Carmel $4,995,000 This one has 100% top quality of everything. Go check it out if you are near by.

It is right in the downtown area and it will blow you away. You will never loose if you buy quality!

26225 Valley View Carmel $3,695,000 They did a very good job on that one, but it is the same tone of color all around.

26201 Mesa Place Carmel $998,000 It is probably one of the best for your money, speaking quality of construction

and if you don't plan to be outside. (Back of the house is well protected from the noise and Hwy 1 just below).




I would like to add few words about the last week movie that I shared with you "The Inside Job".


A lot of blames were put at the cause of the previous financial crisis to Home Financing with all that came with it.

And concerning fixing all these issues, our regulators have been doing a fantastic job.


Since we cannot mess up with these types of financing anymore, Wall Street with their Helpers showed in

"The Inside Job"have find new ways to make even more money into the next big up coming crisis from student's

loan and car's loans.


Student's loans are insured by our government and there is no collateral. I attach and I am hoping that you can open it,

about this pastor with his daughter that passed away and has now $200,000 loan that is due. She went to nursing school.


My question is how can you live and take this amount of debt? And I think that a lot of money have been

handle to everyonethat want it, and I think you will get the worst disease by the stress is creating

on yourself.


And here again, we can talk about fiduciary duty, but sometime you need to learn that taking any type of loan

on any type of products come at a price. And it seems that the more you tell to the consumers, the more they will

go shop around with someone else.


Just remember, a debt is not like dating or being married, it like a big chain attach to your ankle that will pull your down.


I have also learn with my very early stage from the biggest traders in the stock market, to cut your lost and let your winnersrun, set up your exit before you get in.


As in real estate, I have seen a lot of situations where investors have like 5 properties, 3 are doing very well,1 is at the edge of going under and the last one is completely under. In this scenario, sell 3 properties if you need to cut

your loss and let the two others winners run.


We have over 1 Trillions dollars in student loan, it is one million per day for 2500 years...since the time the City of Rome

was created.


And cars loans, I don't have the numbers yet, but if you can check at the bottom of the chart under car loans very impressive.


Good upcoming business with the cars will be when the crisis implode, would be to sell them back to the Bamboo Curtain as they are calling it now! (You can also check at the bottom, further right without insurance).


Thanks and I will see you next week!


Christian Viollaz

License 01318338

Distress Sales/Bank Foreclosures Hotlist

08.26.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (8.67 kb)

08.26.14 Up coming Auction .pdf (42.56 kb)

08.26.14 I'm a pastor and this isn't right.htm (58.03 kb)


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The Inside Job

by qinfovio 20. August 2014 14:11

Good afternoon,


I keep adding few peoples here and there in to my Tuesday Talk because sometime

I feel that I am obligated to bring some type of fiduciary duty into our entire industry.


I started to post this Tuesday Talk into our blog since it is sometime a continuation of a

previous week Tuesday Talk story.




As today the economy is on the right track but I am always looking three to five years ahead of myself

and also something like 10 years ahead.


The latest news couple days ago were that the German, lowering their interest rate below 1%.


As today, I am getting back with the movie "Inside Job": It is very well done documentary. We were able to move on

with this crisis by using fake money. The best parts of this movie are the deleted scenes.


On one of them, they interviewed the Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore Leehsien Loong, asking

about his compensation with his position and he mentioned around $2 millions US dollars and with all

other compensations with all members of the financial industry appointed by their government...and it comes

around $1,5 million each. He mentioned that they are getting well paid, and they have to perform to their best without

any bonuses, and if they don't perform, they will get removed. He was saying like an engineer that build bridges or

finances should get the same amount of compensation.


As getting back looking at all CEO with anywhere from 40, 50, 500 millions dollars of bonuses, and all the financial

industry compensation where they get paid hundreds times or more of their worth.


Eliot Spitzer mentioned that Jack Grubman go it right when saying, "What Used to be a Conflict of Interest is now

view as Synergy".


And Raghuman Rajan was saying about Island and where the financial crisis started, and where it was

the land of the Range Rovers. Local peoples over there change Range Rovers to Hang Over


"The Inside Job" Featuring in-depth interviews with financial experts and insiders, this sobering,

Oscar-winning documentary presents in comprehensive detail the pervasive and deep-rooted

Wall Street corruption that led to the global economic meltdown of 2008.'


It is the second time that I am renting this DVD, I watched it 3 times and I will probably do it again a couple

more times within the next two years. I will consider this movie as a "Derivative" meaning as a weapons

of mass destruction. I always consider our real estate as a game that I should learn how to play it.

It started as with a four thousand pieces puzzle and I put it together years ago.


My next project is to understand the remaining game of understanding the mechanism of value. This one is more like a

40,000 pieces puzzle and I am at 12,000 with a 28,000 remaining to put together.  


When you gamble with someone else money rewarding you millions of dollars, it is fine by me but when the company loose money, you need to get that money back. It is how it worksat the Casino, they paid you

 when you win and they will take back when you loose.


It came to the point that the Federal Reserve is lending money for this bail out at the tax’s payer cost.

And now, I am taking you back the and if you look under largest budget items

with Net Interest on Debt, it comes in fifth position. As the interest rate in the US is around 2.5%, just imagine

if it has to double, it would just be behind the defense.


I will finish saying that Warren Buffet policy has a fiduciary duty to all his clients, he work very hard at it and it payoff

to all of us.


And I think that at one time, we should expect a pay back from all these fraudulent acts that is giving

to you in the movie.



I am taking you back in the tour starting in Pacific Grove with:                          

235 Cedar Pacific Grove $825,000 nice, clean show well, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walk to town.

801 Todd Lane PG $725,000 in a cul de sac.

325 17 Mile Dr PG $649,000 This one is back on the market and I think that it should be moving.

1029 Morse Dr PG $709,500 this property is located in the Candy Lane area, it has a lot of potential, it is the worst

house in the neighborhood.


Couple in Seaside...

1172 Barbara Court Seaside $429,000 

1096 Trinity Seaside Duplex $549,000 is the perfect duplex to visit, it will tell you all the today requirement with

the City of Seaside. It is very clean.


26179 Rinconado Dr Carmel Valley $1,699,000 I saw this property already, price was reduced by $100,000. But pricing it rightat the beginning is the key.

 24953 Outlook Carmel $1,550,000 This one was also on the market few months ago.

8215 El Camino Estrada/Arboles Carmel Valley $1,590,000 Beautiful home, very nice floor plan, nice quality

construction but all at the wrong location. I am probably sure that some you know Arboles road, near the fire department.


It is a narrow road that bring you to a bunch of narrow roads and they have few multi million dollar home in the middle

of low end home. When buying/investing in a multi million home, you can go to the Quail Lodge area, where

property are all alike. But if you plan to buy in this area, you need to get the worst one.


Thanks and I will see you next week!




Stay Connected with our Local Market

With our blog at:


Christian Viollaz

BRE 01318338



08.19.14 NOD.pdf (9.42 kb)

08.19.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (8.37 kb)


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A Hard Lesson Learned on Molokai Last Week from Steve Sjuggerud

by qinfovio 12. August 2014 16:04

Good afternoon,


This week is probably one of the busiest week on the Peninsula where you will need to plan on how to get yourselfaround. Anywhere going from Monterey, to Carmel, Pebble Beach and as much coming in and out of the Peninsula from Hwy 1, Hwy 156 you will be stuck in heavy traffic.


Maybe the best way to get you there would be by horse riding from Salinas River Beach/Moss Landing all the way

to Monterey, all beaches and without any traffic up to Seaside.



I am bringing you one of the best message that I am sending you from Steve and his hard lesson on Molokai couple weeks ago.


While he was checking in as a competitor for 32-mile Molokai-to-Oahu paddleboard race, he met one of his subscriber that was the director of the race. He is 64 years old and he could pass for a fit athlete in his 30s (if he dyed his hair). They spoke and met at his house after the race. They talked a lot about living...and living right. And the conversation goes like:


" I see a lot of friends with huge mortgages, spending more than they earn," he said while we sat at his kitchen table.


"I do the opposite. I live way below my means...But what more could I want?"


I looked up from his kitchen table, and looked all around...


He was right. He has everything he needs, right there. He lives a short walk from his favorite surfing spot in Hawaii.

He lives lean and healthy. His life is about experiences, not about stuff.


Money can buy you a lot of things in life...but it can't buy you fitness. You have to earn that yourself.


...You can check the entire article but I will tell you that I have experiencing the similar situation on my own

for the past three to four years and this article just completed my thoughts.




It seems that some of you had some issue opening links to some of these property. It seems that I had one property that

might created this conflict. I would say that it is safer to open them on my blog or on Face book. Opening from the Tuesday Talkmight give spy the opportunity to access your email account.


565 Harcourt Seaside $2,999,000 I had few comments on that one and you were right, you know our local market

and you know that we don't have such of a price in the city of Seaside. But I also don't believe the $299,000 asking price that it was listed at. It will sell closer to $340/345,000 base if it is a finance or cash sale.


Some cities have a lot of flippers, some are very well done and others just very cheesy.

Like putting a water heater in the bedroom. Please as a buyer or a renter don't invest or live in one of these homes.




111 Spray Ave Monterey $898,000 This one has a beautiful bay view and I will say that the Agent, just like my friend

Sam of last week, had the house painted, new carpet...and even if it has a terrible floor plan, it will help with the sell.


405 Granite St Pacific Grove $825,000 I think that there is a lot of house for the price and the location.

222 19Th St Pacific Grove $799,000 It is a good way for you to check apple to apple with the previous one!


1002 Hillside Pacific Grove $699,000 In the upper side of PG. I went in by the main door that is on one side of the street,

while the garage is going out on the other side. I almost miss the garage.


1036 Rosita Del Rey Oaks $595,000 a new competition for the other one that I brought couple weeks ago at

1000 Rosita Del Rey Oaks $569,000   This one has a complete separated entrance/living quarter on one level.


They are both on top condition and should be moving.


We are hitting back to Carmel and here again, I try to bring you similar price range.


24651 Cabrillo St Carmel $1,375,000 is located within one square mile of Carmel.

24971 N Carmel Hills Carmel $1,490,000 on the same side of Carmel High School. I was a little disappointed

with the front entrance of the garage with similar slates that we used for bathroom, just check the pictures.


0 Lincoln 4 Nothwest of Santa Lucia Carmel $3,725,000 When a house is located within the one square mile of the

City of Carmel, you will find no numbers on the property. Here again, similar price.


26294 Carmelo Carmel $3,550,000 I will cook for you if you buy that house from me. They did a very good job

with very high ceiling, lot of lights, good quality of materials, you can walk to the beaches, Mission Ranch, Carmel Mission.

And of course a beautiful kitchen, not a huge one but very inspirational.




I know that a lot of us cannot afford some of these homes, just like the two ones in Carmel.


But as I start watching for the second time and renting from Netflix:


"The Inside Job", featuring in-depth interviews with financial experts and insiders, this sobering Oscar-winning documentary presents in comprehensive detail the pervasive and deep rooted Wall Street corruption that led to the global economic meltdown of 2008.


You can just follow the money and it should bring you to most of these peoples that are part in this documentary.


Thanks and I will see you next week!



Stay Connected with our Local Market


With our blog at:


Christian Viollaz

BRE 01318338


08.12.14 NOD.pdf (7.04 kb)

08.12.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (8.65 kb)

A Hard Lesson Learned on Molokai Last Week from Steve Sjuggerud.pdf (72.07 kb)


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4 Implants for 1 Car Deal Or No Deal

by qinfovio 5. August 2014 15:08

Good afternoon,


We had some internet issue last week and I have to send you our Tuesday Talk on Wednesday.


It seems that with all the wireless system in place, phone, PC, remote control, satellite dish etc,

we are getting difficulties on connecting. It would be interesting to screen the sky with infrared lenses

or something like that to check all that electric power going around us.


I will be experimenting a new cellular phone, cost of $110.00 for the phone and one single payment of $79.00

for the phone for the entire year, using all similar data that I have with Verizon. I am already using Phone Power

for my business, 2 lines for 2 years for a single price of $211.00. I will get back with you with this cellular phone.


What is surprising me is with all the improvement in technologies, that is bringing a lower cost to the consumer,

is the price in our health care that keep growing and mostly into dental care. When I see that a cost for a tooth  

implant come to around $5,000 more or less, and if I have 4 of them, I can almost get myself a new car.


Looking back when they were outing the The Model T was the first automobile mass-produced on moving  

assembly lines with completely interchangeable parts, marketed to the middle class by Henry Ford. 


Are we going backward?




As I am sharing with you this week REO list, I can see that most of them had a loan modification in the past.


Some of them were going through a short sale. And here again, I highly encourage anyone that has to go through

a short sale to use a local agent that had experience in doing short sale.


I also highly recommend a local loan officer when doing your loan on purchasing your home. Stay and use local in any real estate transaction, as agent, title company, loan officer, try to meet them in person.


I am a big fan of EBay and what ever is online, but once it comes to real estate, I stay local.




I am just sharing few of the previewing that we are doing each week and I am bringing you the one

that step ahead of the crowd.



241 Via Gayuba Monterey $925,000I like the Skyline forest location, large house with a nice backyard.


12 Victoria Vale Monterey $1,450,000 In the same area, very well built property. The downside is the lack of privacy

in the backyard, some town house overlooking your patio.


1218 Sylvan Road Monterey $825,000 Close to Del Monte Golf course. I like all these properties located

between Sylvan Road, Castro Road up to the gold course. Lot of sun, flat lot. In the other side of the road, is all

the opposite.


431 Dela Vina $445,000 is a town house in a gated community with around 10 units.

HOA $130.00 2 cars garage, walk to town, convenient location, very centralize.


1260 Seaview Pacific Grove $619,500 It has very large lot. They changed brokerage and now the price makes

 more sense. I also like the location, on top of PG, easy access to Hwy 68 or down to Prescott going to Monterey.


0 NW Junipero Carmel $1,199,000 is close to town. I like all the listings that Sam has. He always brings the necessary

improvements into a property to justify the asking price. In the case of this one, they are getting a new deck!

And I think by doing that, they will sell the home.


26355 Ocean View Carmel $4,495,000 This one is very fun to walk around, they brought a lot of antiques to 

accommodate property. It has a nice view of Carmel River Beach, all the way to Point Lobos to Santa Lucia Mountain.


2486 17Th Carmel $2,295,000 They did a good job on bringing a lot of natural lights in.


3 SW Alta on Mission Carmel $995,000 I am a big fan of vacation rental and they mentioned that they are bring

$40,000 in a year. There is room to grow. You need to check with any city's restriction.



565 Harcourt Seaside $2,999,000 Just across Seaside City Hall, walk to park, beach, town.




Do you know that a City Inspection is required when your sell your home; in the City of Seaside it

will cost $129.00 and it might takes up to 10 days to get it back, while the City of Marina will charge only

$50.00 and the turn around is only 24 hours (make me smile).




Few words with our real estate market. The trend is up and we are expecting that it will go up for a good 

two years ahead. 


As I am learning how market works, in the stock market, they are looking at volume and in real estate

we have to look at inventory to measure a trend.


Couple weeks ago, we had 51 homes for sale in Seaside and it was getting high. As today, we are down to

34. So there a lot of room for this trend to goes up before it reverse.


The day that we will see passing the 100 homes for sale in this City, then the trend might be changing.

I saw 196 at one time.



Thank you and I will see you next week!



Christian Viollaz

License 1318338

9 Buyer Traps and How to Avoid Them 

08.05.14 NOD List.pdf (6.24 kb)

08.05.14 REO Only.pdf (7.91 kb)





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