Skiing in Dubai

by qinfovio 29. July 2014 16:44

Good afternoon,


We had a good event last Friday from 4.00 PM to 8.00 PM right at our Seaside office's door step.


During the summer time, they host this car show on the third Friday on different cities around the Peninsula. We had the visit of Mayor Ralph Rubio with couple others City Councils, and my only questions was when would they be planning on repaving Broadway Ave?


and the respond was within the next couple months.



Today, we will stay in the Monterey area and I am bringing some homes that we previewed last week.


1241 2Nd St Monterey Duplex $679,000 This one is probably one the best duplex that I saw in the specific area, near NPS, two separate units, completely redone and that makes sense.


855 Parcel Monterey $485,000 Not a large home, but nice and clean and better price than most Condo.


41 Via Del Pinar Monterey $725,000 Up the Veteran Park, has a large lot and has character.


126 Littlefield Rd Monterey $1,185,000 This area of Monterey is very unique, in the sense that they have higher brick walls, as a fence and you cannot see any of the property from the road. I wonder who approved

the plan?


1000 Rosita Del Rey Oaks $569,000 This one is in Del Rey Oaks. As I was sharing with you some home in South Salinas for the past couple weeks, this one will bit any of them and is in Monterey.





I am noticing a completely trend working against each others, the housing rental supplywhere it is in big need and on the other side County and Cities getting out all kind ordinance that come with the zoning on turning all non conforming duplex, granny unit unit back into a single family home, reducing housing supply.


I will go briefly with few words over the subject of Granny unit. A lot of them were built all around the country to accommodate relative. As now we are seeing more controversy where owners have to live on the property to be able to rent the unit if it is available, and some area as in Prunedale will not allowed it.


Why not renting them? We need more housing, we need to keep our rental more affordable so workers can afford and stay living in our area.


As now, a lot of them are considered as "Legal Non Conforming" meaning that they cannot be rebuilt.


No much new home or housing have been built for the past 10 years in the Monterey Peninsula and I am speaking to the lower end of the market. We are keep building more 2 $millions home and plus without any water shortage, hundreds of them.


We are constantly hearing with water shortage in California, drought, water bills keep going up.....


Wait a minute, l will just take you back when I first arrived in the Peninsula, almost 29 years ago in 1985.


At that time, the artichoke field left of the Highway One going north was probably one of the few agriculture that we have in Monterey County. And going from Salinas to all the way south of the 101

was just golden grass.


As now, from the Coastline all the way south of 101 pass Paso Robles, further south, north, east, west; It is all farm land, wine growing country.


A bunch of new communities from Gonzales, Soledad, Greenfield came on the map.


Since I lived here, our entire community has spend $$$ millions on trying to find ways to resolve our water issue, and also on restricting water use for the resident and development.


The message that I am getting to you, you cannot take from mother nature, but you also have to invest. It is like fishing out our ocean, without fish farming, we won't not eating much affordable fish.


You take a 180 degree turn East looking at Ski Dubai . You have to use a large amount of money to invest in our future while it is still cheap, while we still try to maintain the dollar as a world currency.


It is what a large number of Middle East Country are doing with their money, they know that they will run out of oil and they are preparing and they will ready when this time come.


Getting back to our housing rental/shortage that we are getting to and our State & Local government enforcing the use of granny unit, duplex, water shortage and all that stuffs, are something that belongs to the past.


The through meaning of what you will heard about drought, water shortage is that our State has used and sold our asset (what is the water supply) without reinvesting the money. And once it comes to housing, new laws,

new regulations, it is the same thing.


The bottom line, we cannot swim against this strong current, but at one time, this water will stop flowing.




I will finish with a good inspiration movie.


The Long Walk, The True of a Treck to Freedoom

The harrowing true tale of seven escaped Soviet prisoners who desperately marched out of Siberia through China, the Gobi Desert, Tibet, and over the Himalayas to British India.


Thank you and I will see you next week!


Christian Viollaz

License 01318338

Distress Sales/Bank Foreclosures Hotlist

07.29.14 NOD.pdf (6.77 kb)

07.29.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (10.18 kb)


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I Found My Sweet Home

by qinfovio 23. July 2014 14:08

Good afternoon,


For the ones of you that were obligated to stay in or have to go to work,

I found the home that you are looking on San Antonio street in Carmel.




An announcement that we just received from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac

concerning home owners that sold their property through a short sale.


They are changing the time before you can buy a home from 2 years 

to 4 years. It seems that we have plenty of buyers and that we need to 

control supply and demand and mostly "Demand".


We need a study home price increase so we will not run too fast into our next bubble.


The other reason that we see more restrictions coming from Fannie/Freddie Mac, is that we need to print less money.


In 2006 we had 8.5 Trillions of debt and as today we are almost at 17.6 Trillions.


One trillion represent $1 million per day from now up to the time the City of Rome was created, what is over 2500 years ago.


We used a lot of this printed money to bail out major banks and as now, there are back to their best. And as now, our government would like to encourage banks to lend money again.




Today, I am taking you for a ride to Carmel.


0 San Carlos Carmel $895,000 They did a fantastic job with all the pictures for this property, it makes the house look bigger but is only 839 Square feet.


0 San Antonio Ave 2 NW of 11Th Carmel $5,200,000 This is the house that you want. It has great floor plan, beautiful view of Carmel white sand beach, one block from the beach (don't get closer just in case of tsunami),

nice open kitchen. It is a well quality built home with all quality material, appliances.


0 Santa Rita & Ocean SE Corner Carmel $1,385,000 


0 SE Vizcaino Ave Carmel $1,325,000 I already brought this property in a month or so ago. In this specific area are of Carmel, close to the outside theatre, off Mountain view area, I highly recommend SUV truck and any similar vehicle. Do not use low type of car as Porsche, BMW, Audi and so on. Roads are extremely bumpy with all roots from pine trees.


2779 15 Th Ave Carmel $1,995,000 This one was cancel at the last moment, but I really like the location, close to Mission Ranch, perfect house for fancy cars and price was drop from $2,495,000 to $1,995,000.




I did not bring you any REO or 3 Third Party since we had only one.


Instead, I am bringing you first 6 months sale for 2006, 2008 and this year 2014.


current inventory 2006 I 2008I 2014  closed sale 2006 I 2008I 2014  Average Sale Price 2006 I 2008I     2014


Carmel                   204    155    140                      81    71      127                        $1.8M         $2.05M       $1.6M

Del Rey Oaks        10       13     7                           6     13       1                          $728,000   $605,633       $450,000

Monterey               86       110   66                        61    38       78                         $908,000   $785,000      $689,000

Pacific Grove         90       110   54                        52    38      76                      $1,029,000   $920,000       $787,000

Seaside                145      137   63                        73    85      90                        $721,000    $406,000      $393,000


Go check your area and I will see you next week!






Christian Viollaz

License 01318338

To Find Out What's Your Home Worth?


07.22.14 NOD List.pdf (6.31 kb)

2006 2008 2014 MCounty Sale.pdf (101.30 kb)


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The Death Of Money

by qinfovio 15. July 2014 14:52

Good afternoon,


We (Realtors) have been using a new software this year with the MLS; Homework's that we used for over 20 years discontinued their product.And switching to the other now take time to get use to it, but I have to admit that there is a lot of more information at our finger tips.


The reason that inventory start to build up in Seaside and should also in surrounding cities is due to homes that were purchased in 2008. You have to remember that our last real estate crisis started in 2008 and homes pricein some area start dropping 30 to 40%.


But the real bottom of market did not hit until 2010 where home prices drop another 20 to 30%.


As now these homes are hitting the market too soon, our local real market is recovering, is up probablyaround 30% but in many case not enough to support 2008 beginning of the crisis.


The only ones that are moving, and I will say it again is the LOCATION. Buying the cheapest home in foreclosure or in the regular market, will not help much if you are buying the wrong location.




Today, I am taking you to a different area in the Peninsula, we are going to South Salinas. We have buyers for this specific area, for older home, 4 bedrooms+ and 2 bathrooms+ in the Mid $400-$450,000.


427 Cayuba South Salinas $482,500 They did a good job on refurbishing that one and I think it was bought in foreclosures. It has 6 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms, 70 years old.


10 Marion Ave South Salinas $449,000 This older home has nice floor plan, it said 4 bedrooms but is more like 3 bedrooms.


17609 Berta Canyon Prunedale $285,000 I check that one close to Prunedale, next to the 101 and you can have horses but this property might be use for an expansion of Hwy 156.




I was checking homes sold in the new development of East Garrison for the past 12 months. They showed 4 properties in the MLS and we should get a bunch more closing soon. Sold prices were between $532,900 and $657,750; They had 4 bedrooms with 2.5 and 3 bathrooms and living space square feet between 1975 and 2791.


This new subdivision will help set up homes price in the Salinas, Marina and probably the Seaside area also.


We have a new page through MLS software that show the average home price, low and high in your neighborhood.


It is much better than Zillow and other sites. It is a very good tool for sellers to check with their agent.


Pricing a home is not a science of luck and overpricing your home could cost money and time if it does not sell at the will help other home to sell.




I have been a big fan of Dr. Steve Sjuggerud at Stansberry Research. He is a talented knowledgeable writer in the sense that he use an easy way to put into writing his thought without getting to complicated for us to read it. He also research and analyze his own thought.


As I mentioned last week on how we need to learn on how to think again, and it might help you to think.


He spent over a week on commenting on a new book done by Jim Rickard "The Death of Money".


Steve mentioned that at one time, we should be facing high inflation with all the money printing. And looking into history, as it occurred in 1933 when the dollar was devalued against gold from $20.67 to $35.00 an ounce; This could be the best scenario to break high inflation due to the amount of debt but the only difference this time that we might need maybe to devalued, say $7,000 to an ounce.


The other interesting point that he was sharing was also to understand how deflation works. And I think that Steve did not really understand it until after going over the book.  


That was a new bill that was put through congress last week that would limit the powers of the Federal Reserve, and if limited, his ability to print money will be limited and if it happens, we will get persistent deflation. By not printing any more money, that will mean no money available for any credits, less money in circulation, and price will go down but it will not be sustainable to cover our national debt.


You will have a good opportunity to get into Dr. Steve Sjuggerud subscription as he will get you a free copy of Jim Rickard's book, "The Death of Money".


It is how I signed up four years ago and I have access to all their writer at Porter Stansberry Research and I just stick to the one that I can afford.


One of the main reason that I like to read them is because they are sharing some thoughts and it makes you think.


 Thanks and I will see you next week!
Stay Connected with our Local Market
Christian Viollaz
BRE 01318338

07.15.14 NOD List.pdf (5.79 kb)

07.15.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (9.67 kb)

Dailywealth Dr.Steve Sjuggerud.pdf (52.12 kb)


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Learn How to Think Again

by qinfovio 8. July 2014 16:53


Good afternoon,
I have been calling couple friends that have watched the World Cup with Germany beating Brazil 7 to 1.
In soccer, it is a big score, something that we have rarely see in any previous World Cup, but always a first time for everything.
Today, I would like to share few words with Susie, a Realtor that recently joined us this year. She lost her son Andre that was stabbed to death last Wednesday.
On their way to home, I was getting use to see Andre and his brother Christopher, Susie's son, stopping by the office couple times a week, kissing and hugging. It was a very refreshing picture.

I know that Andre might have done something wrong to someone, but does he need to pay that high price? Does someone has the right to take his life?



I was sharing with you in one of our Tuesday Talk, The Lost Interview by Steve Jobs and with one of his stronger message that he was sending to us, saying that we need to "Learn How to Think Again ".

We have been conditioned due to the technology and the entire surrounding to act without thinking.
Emotion is probably one of the most vulnerable liabilities that human being have. I am calling liabilities meaning that it could be one of the most destructive power that you might have that will destroy yourself if you let it out of control. You need to learn how to control and think on how to release you emotion.
The biggest selling professionals are constantly using our emotion, it 's as good for the medias, news, stock markets, insurance, low price, high price, goods etc..., it trigger our emotion and it will help us making the decision on buying or not to buy.
Your brain work as 1, 2, 3 and 4.
1 Means it see, 2 is acting, 3 is thinking and 4 is taking action. But if you removed one item as number 3, you will be acting without thinking.  
It is how I get to find myself again few years ago. As much in a personal life than professional and financial life, it all turned into a perfect storm. I was more acting than thinking because I could not really think clearly.
Emotion could also be also one of your bet asset if it is properly used.
Human being is not a machine as much as the military wish! The military train his personal to act without thinking, on impulsion, you act as you see without thinking if it is the right way to do something.
One of the best book that help me was "Power Of Focus" from Jack Canfield that really put myself back together.
And as now I am constantly  working on controlling myself, thinking overnight about an email, a conversation, a decision to be made...I take the time to think. It is working on me; I am not stress but I try to stay with PMA positive mental attitude by taking the time to think again and not to act on emotion...very hard to control.
All my blessings are going to Andre, his mom, family and friends and also to the one that did this horrific act; Was him really thinking at what he was doing...
Thank you and I will see you next week!
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Christian Viollaz
BRE 01318338

07.08.14 NOD.pdf (7.30 kb)

07.08.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (8.15 kb)



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You Need to Pay Your Rent

by qinfovio 1. July 2014 17:47

Good afternoon, 

We are finally getting to the best part of the world cup in soccer, first and second round are over.
My little team of Costa Rica still in but probably not for long.
I will be taking you back to our Broker Tour to all different areas so you will able to check what you can get at what kind of price in each area. I constantly compare home's price from all areas and I also check inventory.
Just start our ride with:

226 Edinburg Monterey $545,000 This one is close to Monterey Fairground and according to agent, they are reviewing multiple offers.


610 Martin Monterey $749,299 A very different style of home and it might find that particular buyer, close to Monterey High School.


988 Fountain Monterey $998,000 Good quality of construction, it has a nice floor plan, bay view from the master bedroom, recently build.


753 Parcel Monterey $650,000 It seems that it was recently painted to cover up can go check it out and you can tell me.


92 Twin Oaks Monterey $535,000 First time that I have been in this area, small older subdivision, out of Jocelyn Canyon Rd.


980 Paloma Del Rey Oaks $499,000 They are at the stage of reducing their asking price.


1718 Laguna Seaside $449,000 This one has been in the market for a longer time, starting to reduce their price.


3106 Fehring Marina $427,000 Inventory in Marina still around 15...normal level but seems to be more on the rise.


926 Petra Lane PG Pacific Grove $799,000 Pacific Grove home, it helps to compare to other cities similar price range.


26140 Zdan Carmel Valley $948,500 We are back on Los Laureles Grade, considered as Carmel Valley but with a Salinas zip code. This one is immaculate, kind of far away from towns, very tastily redone, not too far down on Zdan Rd.


31440 Via Las Rosas Carmel Valley $1,475,000 Very private, pass Carmel Valley village, has some very beautiful valley's views.


Just like Zdan, you will enjoy the views and the privacy.


9500 Center Unit 46 Mid Valley $429,000 I like the location of the complex, just behind Safeway in Mid Valley.


As I was driving down Carmel Valley Road, I saw something on the right side of the road that I don't like to see, a kind of make you sad.

It was not a run over deer, or raccoon or skunk. It was just a couple, a man and a woman pushing a shopping cart, living Carmel Valley

and getting their way to the Monterey Area.


Since we added "Property Management" above the entrance door of our office, I have seen more and more tenants coming in asking for rental. It seems that a lot of them might have issues with their current housing/rental situation...not paying their rent.


The message that I am sending today, is to Pay Your Rent. You need to secure a roof over your head, you can stop making payment in any other debts that you have, but save what you have left for your rent. Once you get evicted and mostly in our current rental market, and unless that you have relative, you will be finishing like them, pushing a shopping cart on the side of the road. 


8018 River Place Quail Lodge Mid Valley $1,419,000 Buying in this area at this price range is very safe in the sense that there is a lot of comparable property at the same price.


26570 Rancho San Carlos Mid Valley $1,395,000 This one is located less than two mile from above property but without any similar home price.




As I try to improve my selling skills with potential sellers, and knowing that "Selling is Not Telling" is not part of my skills.


As I was listening to a conversation from a lady mentioning that she had a foot surgery and was complaining that her doctor left 3 or 4 screws inside her foot. But I think that if the doctor has told her patient that the 4 screws would stay, this surgery would not happen. Three of the four screws were removed.


But I think by no telling too much he is still making a sale and then, he can adjust if it become an issue.


I find the same similarity in any type of sale situation where the clients always want to hear what they want to hear.


It is just game and it all depends on how you want to play it.


Thank you and I will see you next week!



Stay Connected with our Local Market
Christian Viollaz
BRE 01318338


07.01.14 NOD List.pdf (7.56 kb)

07.01.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (7.86 kb)


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Could Brazil be the New World Champion in Soccer unless Costa Rica Beat Them

by qinfovio 25. June 2014 13:26

Good afternoon,


It seems that the World Cup in Soccer is getting more fans in the U.S than ever. I have report from friends living in Los Angeles, calling and mentioning that was nobody on the Freeway /Highway last Sunday. 


The U.S team was playing at that time and they almost beat Portugal.


A surprising team so far would be Costa Rica but I think that the climate is to their benefit.


We will see after the second round.




I am bringing you an update below, it is coming from Joel Singer with CAR California Association of Realtor, concerning latest market statistic. There are bringing a lot of information to all of us and not only about market but also with the legislation, new up coming laws and what we are fighting with the congress.


Latest Market Statistics
Existing Single-Family Home Sales decreased 7.0 percent year-to-year in April to a seasonally adjusted rate of 394,070 on an annualized basis.

Median Price of an existing single-family home increased 11.6 percent in April 2014 to  $449,360, compared with April 2013 and a 3.2 percent increase from March 2014.

Unsold Inventory Index increased in April to 3.5 months, compared with 2.8 months a year ago and well below the long-run average of about 7 months.                                                                                                                                                   

Home Sales decreased 7.0 percent and it is actually showing locally in some area like Seaside with an increase of inventory to 43 and also Monterey to 58. While this inventory is increasing, price in these areas will stabilized.

Median home price increased by 11.6 percent; It already happened to both city above and it is moving now to Carmel, Carmel Valley area, Pacific Grove with inventory of 113, 76 and 44.


I will keep you in today's tour for the Carmel and Pebble Beach area. I have not seen anything interesting in the Wednesday tour that cover Monterey, PG Pacific Grove, Seaside, Marina. I saw a lot of junk, kind of over price property that makes no sense.

0 NE Lincoln St Carmel $1,699,000 This one was nicely redone, a 3/2 with 1652 Sq.Ft and a lot of 4000.

2 Lobos St #2ND Carmel $1,685,000 These homes located within the one square mile in the City of Carmel have no numbers address. It gets very tricky for anyone looking for them, mostly once it comes to appraisers but good to hide from debt collectors. A 3/2 with 1589 Sq.Ft and a lot of 4000.


0 San Carlos 6 NW of Santa Lucia Carmel $1,200,000 This one is not really in good shape, it is vacant, some part of the ceiling is falling down and it has some black mold. In the post outside, it says appointment only, and we (agent) have to call to make an appointment. I expect because it is vacant and in bad shape, that they might be afraid of homeless moving in.

All vacant homes should be Go Direct without requesting any appointment from Agent.


First, it is a waste of time in our side, second we will not show the property, and third you want agents to visit all vacant home and they will notify us of any breaking.


It happened to myself a year ago, as I was checking a home in Salinas, I run into a homeless that was sleeping in the garage. First he cuts me off guard and scared me; than I call and notify agent. But if no one is visiting the property including your own agent, then he can get very bad.


Legislative Update
AB 1513 (Fox), C.A.R.'s sponsored legislation creating an "opt-in" pilot program to deal with
squatters, has passed out of the Assembly and is waiting to be scheduled for its first hearing in the Senate.


24993 Hatton Rd Carmel $1,695,000 is located on the upper of Carmel Area, with 4/4+ with 4317 Sq.Ft and lot of 13600. It is a more sunny area. My comment will all recently moved out and mostly with owners, would be to get your property

professionally clean. You need to fresh it up the air. 


2996 Franciscan Way Carmel $2,795,000  is located on hill slightly above the right side of the Carmel Mission, 3/3 with 2273 Sq.Ft and lot of 9700.


26472 Mission Fields Carmel $749,000 smaller house, 3/2 with 1470 Sq.F and lot of 1470. One was just foreclosed in our today's list at 3340 Rio Road at $577,000 that is little bit smaller, would be a good comparable for this market.


Pebble Beach Area

I am finding more information as I am visiting these areas again and mostly Pebble Beach and their school district.


4180 Sunridge Road Pebble Beach $699,000 This house is very well done, a 2/2 with 1088 Sq.Ft but school district is Monterey. It will loose lot of good potential buyers since it is the first home price to get you in PB.


4016 El Bosque Dr Pebble Beach $1,999,999 A gorgeous homes, it has some nice bay view. It has also a house for sale on the left side that has a panel mentioning that it has approved plan for remodeling, always check if it will affect your view.


It has 4/4+ 4764 Sf.Ft and lot of 10012 and it is also in the Monterey school district. Price was reduced but I would expect that buyers could afford a private school and the school should not be a matter in this case.


This will be nice to compare to the one of last week at 3974 Ronda Pebble Beach $1,799,000 that will need a complete make over.


1139 Portola Rd Pebble Beach $3,995,000 Older home with some incredible ocean view and MPCC golf course, one story home 3/3 2512 Sq.Ft. and lot of 60277 that is very large for the area.


3106 Flavin Lane Pebble Beach $4,200,000 also a gorgeous home, very interesting high ceiling, very modern with some very large rooms.




I am taking the time to take you around the Monterey Peninsula to show our local real estate market. It is a really vast area with all kind of home price, mostly more to the high end that our median income. I go back later on to check the one that sold and I will have a fare market value of an area.


Thank you and I will see you next week!



Stay Connected with our Local Market


With our blog at:


Christian Viollaz

BRE 01318338


...P.S Just let me know if you want to preview any of these homes and don't for forget your checkbook...

06.24.14 NOD List.pdf (6.01 kb)

06.24.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (4.46 kb)


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Who is The Inventor of the Electric Guitar and the Multi-Track Recording

by qinfovio 18. June 2014 12:44
Good afternoon,
I have some very good news for Monterey Peninsula residents that more expansive homes are getting built and I am speaking 4, 7,
20 $Millions and more and getting sold.
You want to be living and buying a property in these areas, where the very wealthy are investing. The only bad news, is that it is going to cost your more money.
As I told you last week, I will be taking you through a tour of the Monterey Peninsula.
Our new office location is bringing us a lot of walking, being the only real estate office in the city of Seaside, just located across the Goodwill 'store.
We have have a constant request for rental:
+A couple with very nice dog looking for a 2 bed+ /1 bath up to $2,000.00 in the Seaside/ Del Rey Oaks.
+Another couple relocating from Chico is looking for 3 bed/ 2 bath up to $2,500 anywhere in the Peninsula. 
                                      ( I have their contact information available)
Let's go for our ride. I usually visit an average 30 to 40 homes a week, between 1500 to 2000 homes a year. The next step is to check the ones that sell so you will get to know your local market.


I will not do any comments on the pricing.


8 Buena Vista Del Rio Carmel Valley CV $849,000 This one, is pass Carmel Valley village, in the Del Rio area, little bit tuck away. Very basic one story house.


13240 Middle Canyon Rd CV $999,000 is located just before Los Laureles Lodge, up a private gate. Very private, nice views but steep driveway.


13 Del Mesa Carmel $539,000 Carmel Long Walk is located on Carmel Valley road. Del Mesa and Hacienda town house/condominium are for senior citizen. Couple notes concerning some of their units: Some are away from the parking lot and the other observation is the HOA due between $921 and $1100 and even higher base on the sized of the unit.


159 Hacienda Carmel $375,000 inventory is slowly building up in both place, when inventory is increasing, we should expect some declining price.


26259 Hilltop Place Carmel $2,595,000 As you can see, once you open all this link for these homes in the Carmel area,

average square feet of the house is around 1600. But believe me, every square feet have been put to work.


0 San Carlos 5 SW of 12 TH Carmel $1,150,000 When pricing these homes, you have to rate the amenities, materials, 

that were put into the property, from anywhere from A+ to a basic D- and even less. Then the next step is of course the location.


0 Dolores 5 SE of 10Th Carmel $2,450,000 I really like that one, with the arch that they did over looking at the kitchen.


Looking at tall hese well done property, it gave you the trend of new home design, including materials, paint color.


0 SE Vizcaino Ave Carmel $1,150,000 While visiting that one, an agent was just putting his new listing few houses up for all of us to see and he was asking about pricing his property.


The broker tour is spread over 3 days to cover all areas.It is the time for all agents to meet and comments on pricing.

If you are a seller, pay attention at your agent commenting on their broker tour's.


3850 Rio Road #19 Carmel Condo $620,000 This condo is located across the post office next to the Barnyard. This one has not been updated. It will have less attention from buyers, probably 30 to 40% of the 100% that will be looking or have any interest on property that have not been updated.


3662 Lazarro Dr Carmel $1,250,000 is located up the hill across the Carmel Mission, it has an overview of the Barnyard. House has been updated, nice barbecue area.


499 Aguajito Rd Jack's Peak $12,900,000 Now I am taking you across the Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey. It is the Jack's Peak area and is in the Carmel zip code. This one remind kind of Big Sur home, lot of wood, and look almost like a lodge due to this size.It has nice outside pool, outstanding view of the Peninsula.


24704 Aguajito Rd Jack's Peak $1,795,000 Same area but with no bay view. This house was updated.


The only draw back in the Jack's Peak area are their roads, during the winter with any heavy rain. 


But what makes this area very attractive is a lot of peoples relocating from Carmel Highland to Jack's Peak because of the Sunny area.


3974 Ronda Pebble Beach $1,799,000 Getting into the Pebble Beach area, this one will need a complete make over. It is all black, dark hardwood floor, white grey/beige wall's color and has no much energy, not very Zen.


1037 Rodeo Rd Pebble Beach $4,995,000 It is an older home, big home in a well expensive side of Pebble Beach. It is not far away from the beach and all golf courses. It has a lot charm and will be a nice house to turn into an a bed & breakfast B&B.


3145 Stevenson Dr PB $1,195,000 Just on Stevenson Drive, a turn key house. Every buyers at that price range will be taking a look at that one. Once a home has been updated, it will have 100% of the buyer's market interest.


1048 San Carlos PB $1,195,000 no inside pictures They don't show any pictures on that one to respect maybe the privacy of the occupant but also because this one will need a nice face lift, a complete make over.




Inventory is getting very low in Pacific Grove, so I will expect price to rise. High demand for the PG area are usually due to their school that get their tax from Pebble Beach.


Inventory is building in Seaside, so I will expect price to be more stable for the up coming months.


Pricing a property that is located in a sub division, town house/condo, track home, older part of a the town, where there are a lot of similar property is very easy. But as I mentioned at the beginning of this talk, as we are going over million's homes, you have to look and rate what has been put in the property.


Before I let you go, I had very good time watching a movie/documentary made to the man that invented the electric guitar and the multiple sound tracks system. You will be probably recognized his name, Les Paul.
And it seems that they have the same idea on getting these new movies on the 3 D, where they make you wear glasses. It is like multi track movies that make that effect.
Thanks and I will see you nest week!
Christian Viollaz
License 01318338
To Find Out What's Your Home Worth?

06.17.14 NOD List.pdf (5.81 kb)

06.17.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (11.10 kb)


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Visit to Evian

by qinfovio 10. June 2014 15:17
Good afternoon,
I want to welcome you back to our Tuesday Talk. We have a large list of REO and NOD for you to check it out.
REO and 3 Party should be then coming any time soon in the market.
You need a trip close to a month to get a good feeling about a country atmosphere, as much about their economics, unemployment, political and social issues.
So I mostly visited the little of Evian's area (French Alps), seating on the lake of Leman (Geneva's lake). This specific area and all areas bordering the Swiss border are doing very well, economically speaking, since most peoples work in Switzerland and are called "Frontalier". I will compare the same benefit that it would be to work in the US and living in Mexico.
Real estate is booming. The state of mind over there is a couple get into their first real estate purchase (condo/apartment) in their mid 25 with a 20 years mortgage; then they moved up into a single family home with their first pay off property/equity with a 10 years loan. By the time they reach 55 years old, their property is paid off. From 55 until retirement and usually around 62, they put more money into their retirement.
Banks over there don't have an appraisal. Buyers with their agent will get a rough estimate of the property value and lenders will qualify buyers base on their income, as simple it is.
I think that more and more, speaking being in the United States, it should be the perfect Home Owners Dream to get their real estate
payoff before retirement. Calling to be a homeowner, an "American Dream" is only a dream if you have a plan to stick with.
As France is well known for all their social stuffs, including health care services, but one thing that you need to be aware, is in case you get a cancer, and any major life threatening disease, you will not get any other loans for the remaining of your life.
As here, it will be consider a discrimination with the equal housing opportunity. It is the same with your age, where your loan will be made base on the remaining working years.
We only have 20 years mortgage in France and less.
But just across the border, in Switzerland, it is the opposite with mortgage of 50 years that are assumable by the children.
New laws that came up is that you cannot drive and smoke at the same any more. But just in case that you don't know, this law has
been implemented in the U.S already for many years.
What I get from comparing both County, France and US:
Over there, citizen have no debt and I think that it is a good plan. But both Countries with their government have huge debt mostly due to their social programs of over spending with their politicians promising what ever it will take them to be elected.
As now, with our latest European election, voters did not go left or right but further right.
As, I was catching up with my reading and I want to bring you the attachment called "The Most Important of Any Investment".
It was an interview with S&A Editor Chief Brian Hunt done by Steve Sjuggerud's.
We are constantly running into the similar issue when we are looking at listing a home for sale with any owners. In this article, they show what buyers should look for. We and all want the best bargain, we look at comparable sales in a specific area.
With all the multi media and hundreds of website that provide us a fair market value, buyers are very well inform, educated and they see
when a property is price right. Pricing a home to sell within 30 days will sell for more than any over price property.
Thank you and I will see you next week.
Christian Viollaz
License 1318338
9 Buyer Traps and How to Avoid Them
P.S We will cover next an overview of our real estate trend in all different communities.

06.10.14 NOD.pdf (24.78 kb)

06.10.14 REO 3 Party.pdf (14.57 kb)

The Most Important of Any Investment.pdf (159.27 kb)


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Fat Sick Nearly Dead

by qinfovio 29. April 2014 14:36


Good afternoon,
Beautiful day in the Peninsula, perfect day for...I will tell you at the end of this Tuesday Talk.
We have only two properties in two weeks with REO Third Party List and I attach another one from last year during only one week period.
Last fall, I already shared with you this site for owners to do their own management, it is a terrific money making www.airbnb.comt
I want to introduce again to  Patty's Magic Touch She is doing a terrific job with her property that I know very well. Check the entire site and how much respond that she has.
And I can say that she really has this magic touch with the in and out of this property. On the backyard, back right side, has always been a windy area. She recycled her window to this area and she will have all this ugly bricks wall covered with flowers at anytime now.
For this reason, I am bringing you Click Here to view photos and details about the property  (1202 David Monterey $685,000)
This property will fit perfectly as vacation rental, it is an older home that is using a mix of both century, done with a very good taste.
I will encourage investors and some of you to look at this new way of making money with your properties. The Monterey Peninsula is a key tourism destination.
I want to go over again with my three economics' drawers:
First one is the today up to 3 years, the Second one from 3 to 5 years, and Third and last 5 years up to 10 years.
I will put this type of project in the Third drawer, meaning at one time, it is going to be very cheap for the rest of the world to vacation over here due to the devaluation of the dollar.
I want to bring you this week to a very unknown area to most of buyers, "The Del Mesa Community" for seniors citizen. It is a very nice complex, more on the upscale side than any others around our area. It is gated, you will be driving in the middle on a forest of pines.
The reason that I also pick this property is the top location that it has. It is easy to find, has the entire packing lot, easy walking distance to the entire community. It is price very well since it will need a complete face lift.
As I am always on the look for inspiration, I run into this terrific one Fat Sick and Nearly Dead | a Joe Cross Film
This film is not only about fat or loosing weight but also on living a more healthy live without medication.
It is about a very successful Australian guy Joe, that fail into the trap of successful people's, by eating, drinking, partying and almost died.
It took a 60 days challenge to change and get his life back and by the same time, he was able to have some followers. Phil was the perfect one. A 42 years old truck driver from Iowa at 429 Lb down to the mid 250 Lb. When Joe came back to meet with Phil, he brought him back a tee shirt from Australia a XXL size and at my first thought, it was very mean. All the way at the end of the movie, pass the end, Phil is running and wearing it.
I Google search the movie and it turned to be a new entire business. This type of business that required discipline, hard work with the Boss being your own body. Each of you should watch it.
I will put this subject in our third drawer, meaning health care is going to be restructured in the way that it will be more generic.
Give yourself time to be in top healthy condition and stay away from the killing medication.
Thank you and I will see you next week!
Christian Viollaz
License 01318338
Don’t Pay Another Cent in Rent To Your Landlord ...

P.S I almost forgot, I will be hitting this way to cool off our today's heat:


Complimentary Taste of Belgium

Join us next Tuesday, April 29th from 4-7pm
for a taste of Belgium featuring Stella, Cidre,Leffe & Hoegaarden.
  The Whole Enchilada Marketplace



04.29.14 NOD List.pdf (6.58 kb)

04.29.14 REO Third Party.pdf (7.11 kb)

04.30.13 REO 3 Party.pdf (10.71 kb)


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Marina Fort Ord New Low Income Beach Front Housing Available

by qinfovio 22. April 2014 15:50
Good afternoon,
First information that I want to share and bring to you is with our California Real Estate Market. 
California Home Sales Jump 21 percent in March and the Median Homes Prices gain 4.6 percent to highest level in six year.
I was unable to make a cute or name the appropriate link to this info, here it is:


It is a much better report that we have from CAR California Association of Realtor. They just spelled out the numbers without doing any analysis or selling anything to the public.



Instead of bringing you REO 3 Party list with only one sale for this week, I am bringing you couple attachment with more detail information.


I want to show the priority of recorded default loans/HOA and who get paid first with a first loan,

second loan, third loan, fourth...First recorded is the first to get paid, usually the larger one.


I want to show you like for 1531 Riata that they have four loans on it and NOD was recorded on the first loan. You always want to buy when the recording is made on the first mortgage.


The other one at 5000 Beach Wood in Seaside Highland received a notice of default recorded by their HOA home owner association.


A lot and most of this sub division built for the past 20 years has HOA to maintain roads, landscaping, insurance.


I want to make a clarification with these type of property that are auctioned at the court house for the worth scenario. They don't come with a title insurance, you have to check at any liens that might be attached to this property.


Let 's say for Riata, if the third lender post a trustee sale an you buy that one, you might feel that you have a good deal. But you will have two other loans that you will need to pay off to get a clear title and also any unpaid property tax.


We also have where there are listed. And and similar companies are also selling regular auction with a title insurance. The best way is to check if it said Trustee Sale, these will tell you the difference.




I am more a big fan of town house/condo for the only reason that I can drive my car in the garage, use the facility as gym, tennis, pool... 


7020 Valley Greens Dr unit 16 Carmel Valley $745,000


and not to worry about landscaping, yard maintenance and go in vacation. I pick this property for this week because it has a beautiful view overlooking the pool, ( I wish that we had a picture), it was nicely redone, nice floor plan, very large two cars garage, it is located close to parking area for your guests and it is right at the entrance at the Quail Lodge gate.




This development is ready for application. It has a AAA location with AAA price on their rent.

Go check and open their link and it will show you the income requirement.


Marina Fort Ord Housing Low Income Housing


You will need to get your credit in good standing to get in.




I want to finish with New Compliance H.R. 2847 - July 1, 2014 


It has nothing to do with real estate but it start to make a lot of noise and a lot of writing about it.


The main subject is for all financial institutions around the word to report to IRS all income made outside of the U.S by U.S citizen. It is going to be a very complicated and expensive for all these institutions if they want to comply with the IRS requirement. The easy way for them would be to dump all their U.S account and the dollar by the same time.


One of the main purpose for the Unites States to take his independence from England was to not paying tax to England, less government involve. And it seems that we are turning the clock back.


Thanks and I will see you next week!



Christian Viollaz, Realtor  
To Find Out What's Your Home Worth?

04.22.14 1531 Riata 4 loans.pdf (3.52 kb)

04.22.14 HOA recodring NOD.pdf (3.39 kb)

04.22.14 NOD List.pdf (6.59 kb)



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