New Year 2018 in Monterey

by qinfovio 9. January 2018 08:38
We are starting a refreshing new year 2018 in Monterey. We finally gave up after 14 years in the City of Seaside. The West Broadway project that started in early June 2017 was a disaster for the business community on the side where the construction is happening. The City of Seaside did not offer any financial assistance to our business. We were asking the City to cover our hard cost, mostly rent, utilities, insurance and it was not in their agenda. And as now, they are finally paving this side of Broadway. It appeared that Broadway Ave will be loosing more or like 20 parking spaces on one side, time 2 is 40 parking spaces. They have also installed a traffic light. This type of project is like the frosting on the cake, it is the last thing that you do. Spending over $7.5 millions and expecting that business will follow. Bottom line, building a business community, retail only according to their zoning without parking is a dead end. All cities over Europe, France, Germany with similar project are dying; Cities try to offer free shuttle to their downtown and it does not seem to be working. The other major changing trend is the online shopping. For the first time, it has surpass 2017 black Friday and holidays shopping in the retailing malls. ++++++++++++++ After all this bad energy we finally made the move to 191 Lighthouse Ave suite A-2 and A-3 in Monterey. We are located just across the coast guard with some view of the bay. The business concept over here is completely different from Seaside. Newer buildings that have been built have commercial units at street level and instead of having one large commercial space, they have six. They have better income with similar commercial space and if one tenant leave, they still fiver other ones that still paying the rent. And above the commercial, they have residential. It appeared that Seaside is more like 30 years behind the new economics concept. I will say that it is due to a lack of leadership. The best way to put it in prospect is the former Fort Ord...just check what has been dome with the Marina side versus Seaside. +++++++++++++++ As for the real estate for 2018, I will say that it would be a good year to moved up if you already own a home. And as for first time home buyer, I will expect more new type of loan with more flexible payment (interest loan only) with lower payment and maybe longer loan term, like Argentina and Switzerland with 100 years years loan. Visit us at any time!


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"Alternative Medicine" or "Alternative Death"

by qinfovio 23. September 2017 05:12
Latest Update since August 10, 2017 (We are at the end of our Fourth month since it started) We were living in a very shaky environment at the beginning of this month as they were completing a second layer of huge metallic plate under ground, around 20 feet long into 16 feet into the ground. Everything was moving, lots of noise and we were glad when they were done. (You can check with all the pictures on our FB blog) Then we received a notice couple weeks later saying they will be removing all these plates and to warn us again about shaky environment and the noise. Couple days ago, a business owner next to ours finally exploded, went after the workers, yelling and very close to a fight. One of our Agent was also verbally abused. It appeared that any of the City Council has never own and run their own business. What I mean by running a business, is to lease a space, pay for your rent, utilities, and if a retail, you will have to include inventory. All these costs need to be cover before you can start paying yourself and having a income. And on our side, every day while these peoples are doing the construction, they are getting paid, even if it takes them three months to put these plates into the ground and then removing them…every day while they are getting paid, we are loosing money. And after four months and how many more months within get our side of the street open for cars and parking? As now, all our side street parking has been taking by construction workers as you can see in the pictures. The City try is working very hard on getting new business to move into our area. They did all kind of survey and it appeared that the biggest demand was for"Alternative Medicine" marijuana. How can they come up with this kind of name for this type of business. It should be call "Alternative Death", marijuana just like cigarette cause cancer. I will say, Yes, Marijuana releaved pain but to call it "Medicine"; I will say the person that came up with this name was able to fool everybody. If it is medicine, it should be sold by prescription or just in a store like you buy a pack of cigarette. And if you need a store to sale drug like Marijuana, we should legalize all drugs. Our State will create a large amount of revenue and will save a lot money with the war on drugs. A store that has been in Seaside for years "Your Uniform Place" on Fremont Blvd is closing. Would you prefer to see this type of store or alternative medicine on our street? As our City has changed the West Broadway zoning to only retail, it will even make it more challenging. As for my office, I had to go through an expansive process of getting a "Use Permit". And I will say that if our City want to keep retail only zoning, it is going to turn more like an Amazon City.


Airbnb, the Good and Bad...

by qinfovio 3. May 2017 14:26

What are the benefits to have Airbnb into our area?

It took me couple days until I read the perfect similarity in the Daily Wealth by Steve Sjuggerud and done by Porter Satnnsberry.

Porter was mentioning how technology has greatly reduced the labor inputs for most business. Speaking as Amazon's Web Services (its cloud offerings), versus IBM's revenues declined for 20 quarters. IBM can't shed per unit labor costs because it's stuck with ten thousands of legacy engineers.

It hasn't been good for the U.S retail industry. Amazon can afford to build unlimited amounts of new warehouses and distribution space. But retailers can't possibly compete on per-unit labor costs. They have to staff store.

And it's not going to be good for U.S media companies. By tying entertainment content to its "Amazon Prime" memberships, Amazon is pointing a gun directly at the head of every media/entertainment company in the U.S.

Our hospitality community cannot compete with this low labor cost competition from Airbnb and his confounder Brian Chesky Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk started in 2008 and that was value at 3 Billion in 2015.

And Airbnb is still at a stage of IPO, is still a private company...but once it hits the stock market...

The hundreds of home that could be rented to family are a big lost for the school system, our local business, and making workers to relocate further away from their work. Since we are having less rental available, rent market is going up.

I was thinking to start a Airhomecooking...and there is all kind of stuff that could be done from our own home and there are all kind of similar business opportunity to develop...

But who would benefit best?

I see a repeat as at the beginning of the twentieth century with the revolution of industry and improvement into our social life that will bring us the similar change to the twentieth first century with the revolution of technology but to less is better and we will have no other choices.





Bad French Man Habit

by qinfovio 6. April 2017 12:22

As a French Man I was taught in my early age to stay away from eating fat meat, butter and all that greasy kind of food.

And the best way to feed you would be by eating starchy, feculent, grain (like wheat, rice, potato, cheese, all dairy product, bread, croissant…)

Every day as a French Man, I have to had my cheese, bread, some king of starch product in all my meal, so I will get full content stomach.

The result of this habit eating has turn myself as what we would consider "Obese", Adding 2 to 3 pound every couple years and over 40 lb for the past 15 years.

My first item on to my to do list in 2017 was to loose weight. I went to check all types of available programs and what was the main component to help your loose weight.

I had in my background 20 years of professional cooking, trained in one of the best French kitchen at this time. I was taught to properly balance our daily menu including portion size.

The only thing that I have never been taught was protein, carbohydrate, lipid and what is in the food itself.

I opted for NutriSystem

I decided to order two months and it goes for 4 weeks each. They have a first week kit to help your reduce your intake amount of food, and you can add as much veggie that you want and also drinking a large amount of water.

I also have been working out daily at a small gym at the condominium complex where I live. I started at 230 pound and eight weeks later at the end of my program, I was down to 200…198… pound. The big change that I made in my eating habit was to cut most dairy product from my diet, mostly cheese and also all wheat, gluten, bread, rice, pasta…and using whole wheat that contain necessary fiber to fill your up.

My plan was to take it down to 190 pound and I am now 5 pound away.

The best way if you plan to keep loosing weight is to reduce the amount of protein, for seafood to 4 ounces, and poultry/meat to 6 ounces and stay away from carbohydrate, wheat, gluten and don't forget your water, a lot of it.

NutriSystem have a nice set up for tracking your progress. You can log all your food, water, work out. I also tried and used a bunch of their recipes, a new way for myself to re-invent my cooking.

The bottom line, I thought that it would a tragic time by cutting all cheese, bread and my daily wine and I did not miss any at all.

I am now down 35 pound, double my work out without any pain on my knees with a lot of more energy.

I am a strong believer that crisis creates opportunity…and loosing weight was one that was on my mind for a very long time but by going over this crisis, it will improve considerably health.

Just at then end of my eight weeks, our small gym closed for couple weeks. We have a limited amount of weight machine and I was thinking to join a local gym. I went to check most local gyms in our area.

And here I get the opportunity to sign up with InShape, at a cost of $35.00 per month and I can use any InShape location for this price. I will be using both InShape in Salinas during the weekend and during my working days, the other 3 locations, Monterey, Pacific Grove and Carmel. 

Working out is essential to your good health as much than eating the right amount of food. Give it a try!

           Carry 40 pound less is more or like one of these sandbags


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Come Join next Sunday March 19...Great Performance

by qinfovio 13. March 2017 15:02


Sully and a Miracle on the Hudson River

by qinfovio 9. March 2017 14:01

It was an interesting movie to watch with the controversy of the NTSB that launches its required investigation.

And that followed with the Media questioning if the famous Pilot was "a hero or just a fraud"? I was asking myself

which one is the worst? The main message that we get from Sully was that we are human being, and we have this ability to differ ourselves from computer, software and the entire technology world.

And that takes me back to the "Lost Interview" with Steve Jobs. One of Steve main point was that we will need to learn on "How to Think again". If Sully was to follow protocol and directions made for this type of situation,

he would be crashing his plane and not landing it so well as he did. You have to remain calm, check at your best option. It is what it takes with good thinking

and follow your instinct. It is what it takes to be a leader.

And what takes me to another situation with the wild fire in Arizona in 2013 that took the life of 19 of their crew members

++++++++++++++++ (from the article) As the other 19 firefighters inexplicably left the safety of a previously burned area and hiked through unburned brush toward a ranch – previously identified as a safe place – a sudden wind shift turned the fire in their direction. Pushed by strong winds created by a passing thunderstorm, the fire burned over the crew, killing them all, even though they sought protection inside their emergency fire shelters.

Was that their leader made a wrong choice, a wrong decision for leaving the safety of a previously burned area? They obviously follow the protocol and thinking they Will be safe with their blanket. What do we have to learn from both situation…when your life is in danger…think out of the box…instead of following the supposedly safety of the protocol… That you are better off to be an alive hero; and than no everyone could be a good leader.



Housing Optimism Is Back Up to 2006 Levels...

by qinfovio 13. January 2015 15:07

Good afternoon,

I want to bring and share with you even more good information concerning our real estate market. I attach an article from Steve Stuggerud questioning 

"Housing Optimism Is Back to 2006 Levels". I get another update from him this morning that he is putting his money into real estate.

I think that it was a year and half ago that Porter Stansberry shared with us saying oil price will be dropping in the mid $40.00. It did quietly the opposite

when he said it, went up all the way to $140.00 and I have to admit that now he was right.

We have all the good reasons to expect home price to goes up looking at the article on the right mentioning the reduction of the Mortgage Insurance Premium MPI. But I will prefer to change it and call it to Mortgage Rate Insurance that will be reduce from 1.35% a year to 0.5% soon and  I don't know if the ones already be in place will be benefit from this adjustment.

When I read premium, I think payment but in this case, it is a rate.


A good tip that I can share with you and mostly if you are planning to sell a house in Carmel. Since Carmel has no street number in his one square mile radius, the best way for us to locate your property is with cross street. And I think Carmel has 1 to 17.


As last week, I try to locate one property during the tour with address 0 Perry Newberry & Escolle Way. I could not find it, went back to the office and the cross St was 2Rd. 

That was another property in PG that was in the same case; be sure that your agent put a major cross St. If I cannot find it, I doubt your buyers will find you.

This one is the  best deal  due to location, condition, nice private backyard all paved.

601 Mar Vista Monterey $649,000


I like this street in Del Rey Oaks, one block over Portola street…no noise from hwy 68 traffic20 Quendale Ave Del Rey Oaks $449,000

They did a right move in this condominium complex, it is now all gated, camera but they will need not to release code gate to anyone to get in.

820 Casanona unit 54 Monterey $319,9000


I did not find that one, had no cross street.

816 Gate St Pacific Grove $1,199,000


This one is right with the price.

1119 Piemont Pacific Grove $595,000


This last one has fantastic views, one of our listing, cul de sac, no street traffic.

1249 Luzern Seaside $395,000 Views, Views, Views


Thank you and I will see you next week!

Christian Viollaz
Chez Christian Real Estate

01.13.15 NOD List.pdf (56.48 kb)

01.13.15 REO 3 Rd Party.pdf (46.92 kb)

01.12.15 DW Housing Update Stansberry R.pdf (90.32 kb)


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Cerro Alto Hike

by qinfovio 13. January 2015 15:03

Good afternoon,

I want to welcome you to 2015 with high expectation in our economy and mostly in our real estate market.

We should expect an appreciation at around 20% more or less within the next two years. I do have a lot of

buyers saying that they need to save to buy in couple years but I do not see anywhere else to put your money into to have a 20% return.



I did experience a very nice hike at Cerro Alto Hike on December 26, burning our holiday’s calories. It is located on Hwy 41,

between Astacadero (just pass Paso Robles) and Morro Bay. It will take a good 90 minutes to get you to the top, overlooking Morro Bay

and to the right Cambria and on the left white sand beaches going to Pismo Beach.


As I was coming back, I had second thoughts with Toro Park as a hike comparison and I think that it is more difficult with a comparable view.



As I wrap up with The Death of Money and putting aside this book of my desk. This book has helping me out to map out in a global

way how currency work as an exchange for value. 

It is also giving me a clear idea how the IMF has already put in place the SDR to replace the dollar at one time. We don’t know when,

but how it will work. It is also more interesting with the drop of oil price down to $50.00 a barrel today; Oil was price since the mid last century in petrodollar.

United States are also not allowed to export any of his oil to the world by law. 




I notice that home’s inventory are very low in some area, and that more appraisers are getting to call real estate agents. They have their arms twisted by everyone asking to push the price up and they are checking back with us.

We are starting the year 2015 in Carmel. I am very interested in this market so I can follow on home price for my past buyers for the past few years.

As I always mentioned, location is always my primary choice follow by the condition. 

This one is just off Hwy 1, in cul de sac, it has nice view, ready to move in.

24770 Handley Carmel $939,000


Very good quality of remodeling, ready to sell.

0 Junipero 3 NE of 3Rd $1,339,000


Just in the entrance of the business district with a dead end street. Very nice house with a lot of cities to compete at this price.

San Carlos 4 NW of 3 rd $1,795,000


It is must see. It has very nice bay view and the ground level is unique; Very Zen with peaceful color.

0 Monte Verde 4SW of 4Th Carmel $2,450,000


Was completely redone but I think that staging a home is always a big plus.

0 Guadalupe 2 NE of 7Th Carmel $2,200,000


It has a lot of walls paper, stuff that you don’t see much in today’s trend but it has his own niche of buyers.

O Camino Real 3 SE Carmel $2,750,000


0 Monte Verde 2SW Carmel $1,695,000

Last few cottages left in this town, fun to live in, just like a small cottage.



I just want to add few words for buyers that are using an out of state loan officer to do their loan. It seems that the first attraction is they get higher purchase power meaning more home to buy and probably because they are charging you less.

But once you found one out of state loan officer, maybe you might be able to find a similar loan officer locally.

The couple reasons that we don’t like to use out of state loan officers as a seller’s agent because in case that they mess up the sale, they will not be hurt.

And as buyer’s agent, because we are ending up doing their job to solve all issues between our clients, our buyers and their loan.  

Thanks and I will see you next week with our NOD and REO list!


Christian Viollaz


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Year in Review, Organize Your Cabinet

by qinfovio 13. January 2015 14:56

Good afternoon,

We are finally coming down to our last Tuesday Talk of this year. I think that we did some progress on organizing our knowledge for 

the up coming years.

The best way was to section each different areas that is affecting our real estate market by putting them in different draws starting 

with our today’s economy, what is looking very good and is good shape. 

Another draw for the U.S debt, with money printing and effect that it will have on our economy and so on, with the last few ones on 

the list would be when it is going to happen and how can we prepare ourselves.

And in case it does not happen, we will have nothing to loose and if it has to happen, we will be couple steps ahead of the crowd. 




As we are getting closer to the holidays, a new up coming year, it is getting tricky with the closing of all our sales mostly due for “Tax Reason” and some others for changing laws. 

We have been postponing for over three year the Tax Forgiveness related to short sale property. 

It is allowing homeowners not to pay any tax related with their property that has been sold as a lost on the lenders/investors side.

The key to get you to the finishing line is communication with all the players, including lenders, appraisers, agents, title company, termite works, funding and recording. 

I also mentioned last week that the last couple weeks of the year are the best time to bring an offer and of course, if you find the right property.

All four properties are in Monterey:

This one is a flipper, large living room/family room with smaller bedrooms.

206 Edinburg Ave Monterey $575,000


Next to Del Monte golf course, very clean.

1162 Josselyn Canyon Rd Monterey $589,900


Not an easy floor plan since you do not have two bedrooms near to each other, what it is a need with young child or children.

947 Johnson St Monterey $629,000


Very cute on a busy street, but it has the location.

970 W Franklin Monterey $629,000 


   Year in Review:


I think that we have all the key elements for an upcoming successful year in real estate for 2015 with low interest rate, low unemployment. 

You are not getting much money by letting your money in the bank. And I think that the best edge against future inflation is into real estate.

Our home inventory for the entire county is giving us only a couple months of supply. I will expect home price to rise slowly and if 

you are planning to sell, end of spring is the best time to do it.

My next biggest challenge would be to understand and adjust with the Death of Money. 

We have some structural damage into our monetary system mostly due by having one world currency, the dollar.  

I am not interested of figuring when it would be replaced but how it will affect us. We might have to expect devaluation to as $9,000 per 

ounce of gold as now, it is around $1,200. 

It means that a $200,000 home will look more like a $1,500,000 and a barrel of oil would be around $600.00 and now is down to around $65.00. 

The benefit of this devaluation should affect and reduce debts all around the world. 

As I mentioned at the beginning, we are very organize and I am putting this project into a different draw.


I want to end this last Tuesday Talk of the year with a cooking tip that I never shared before with anyone. 

I used to through away all the juices that are in the jar to preserve like green olive, garbanzo beans. I have been taught that it was bad juice.

I usually use juice from the green olive to deglaze while cooking lamb chops/racks. I usually sauté with oil, onions, portabella mushrooms, 

deglaze and put in the oven for around 7 minutes.

And I used garbanzo juice for pork where sometime I used honey instead of mushrooms.

And for any type of juice, mostly vegetable uses them to poach fish/seafood.  Don’t through away the juice, it is the best part. 

I had a second thought after remembering giving cherries brandy to my client when I had my restaurant, and the brandy was the best part.

Happy New Year and Holidays and we will get back on January 06, 2015.

Christian Viollaz

BRE 01318338

Christian Viollaz
Chez Christian Real Estate
704 Broadway Ave #C Seaside CA 93955
Tel: 831-393-0324
Fax: 831-275-2700 

12.16.14 NOD List.pdf (47.50 kb)

12.16.14 REO 3 rd Party.pdf (43.67 kb)


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How Predictable is The Big One?

by qinfovio 15. December 2014 13:13

Good afternoon,

 I felt two earthquakes during the past 30 days, a reminder that our continents are moving and there is not much that human being can control once it comes to mother nature.

 As I am getting use to our new system, I will be bringing you more information through all these high tech tools and you will be 100% safe if you are using a Mac.

I have speaking a lot this year with the high cost of doing a business in our State of California, and that our State has been run by bureaucrats.

 United has 50 States with another one that has not been added yet but where all Tax Free Thinkers are moving to and It is Puerto Rico.

 All fifty states are run independently, competing with each other. Then it goes down to State, County and Cities, and what makes the difference is their leadership.

 I am bringing you an IBD Podcast and only the first portion is the subject of our today Tuesday Talk. The speaker is Chuck DeVore that lived all his life in California, he was on the California State Assemble and regulating and implementing taxes. Tax in California versus Texas In 2011 he moved to Texas and he is comparing both States. Let me know if you have any issues on viewing this interview.


 By the mean time, I was going through a similar topic with the The Death of Money

It is taking us to IMF International Money Fund that monitor; regulate more or less the world currency system. In April 2, 2009, the G20 met in London and the IMF pledged for a $750 billion and every country agreed to pinch in, including the United States with their $100 billion share.

 For every dollar that IMF lends, it has to get the funding from all these countries.

 But later one, Obama has to go through the congress but did not really tell the purpose of this money. It turned out that it was primarily to bail out the Eurozone members Ireland, Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus. It would be used to bail out Greek bureaucrats who retired at age fifty with lifetime pensions, while Americans were working past seventy to make ends meet.

 I can see a close relation between California with these similar countries.

 Unlike an earthquake, you cannot feel it but you can see how it is slowly moving and taking shape. And I think that is going to be more predictable than the big earthquake if we have to have a big one.


 The tour is taking us to the Carmel Valley area. I will say that between this week and next week are the best time to buy a house and bring an offer in.

 52 Paso Cresta Carmel Valley $679,000 This one is located at the bottom ride side of the town, near by the river, large lot.

 177 Calle De La Ventana Carmel Valley $849,500

Located at the end of the town, right side up (pass the burned formal Ridge Restaurant. It is very sad to see what it is left. It used to have one of the best restaurants in Carmel Valley, beautiful view, tucked away swimming pool).

Like many properties, lot of addition, converted bedrooms, restrooms without permits.

 199 Laurel CV $1,195,000

You need to check that one and the next one. Similar type of location, similar views.

Then you check the inside, all the details and of course, days on the market, and price.

 25530 Via Paloma CV $998,000Pricing a property to sell is not easy but it is very easy to overprice a property. Try to compare this one with 199 Laurel.

 All tiles flooring, easy to add new flooring 67 Del Mesa Carmel $785,000

 Best deal of the week, I like the location, beautiful bay view, it has a lot of potential

201 Via Gayuba Monterey $625,000 Buy Of The Week



While I was previewing a vacant home in Seaside, not the best location, I noticed that the large sliding going from the bedroom to the backyard was wide opened. Then, when I went upstairs, a new pair of snickers/tennis shoes was on the bedroom floor. Then I was thinking that maybe someone heard me and run out.I did not feel comfortable at that time, thinking that maybe someone was hiding somewhere. I just closed, locked the sliding door and main door and notify the agent.  When you feel in an uncomfortable situation, just trust yourself, get out.

 Thank you and I will see you next week!

 Christian Viollaz


Stop Renting Go Get Your Home     BRE #01318338

12.09.14 Up Coming auctions 131.pdf (96.15 kb)


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